Sexism 101: Women don’t Be Hoes

In patriarchal societies, where men are deemed most important, women are seen as servants, maids, and property. Europe had a lot of societies like that and some African nations had patriarchal roots but many were matriarchal, where the women were very much-loved, cared, and protected and were not disrespected or treated as less than her male counterparts. In some Asian nations and Native-American nations there were some that varied between the two. However, as of today you can find more different cultures, nations, and societies that are patriarchal than matriarchal and we can see the effects of this. The belief of women as servants, maids, and property is still recycled but tweaked every so to adapt to the modern-day situation.

These beliefs have ruined the lives of women and men alike and many men don’t even realize how messed up they are. A woman who has had sex with more people than her male counterpart is instantly called a degrading name. However, a male that has more sex than his female counterpart is considered the norm and okay. This belief gets on my nerves: why can’t a woman engage in sexual relationships because she wants to? Why does she have to be degraded as though she doesn’t have any sexual needs like her male counterparts?

Any guy that has a problem with his girlfriend having more sexual partners than him, have a stadium of seats because you wouldn’t have a problem if it was the other way around. A series on YouTube called The Number, explores a relationship between two people who are soon to get married. The question of how many people each other have slept with comes up and they expose the number to each other on paper. Now the audience is never told the number of the two people, but we do know that the woman’s number is higher than the man’s. This seems to give way to people in the series and in the comments to call her all types of hoes and sluts, but all that’s known is that her number is higher than the man’s.

The series is great check it out, but it pointed out to how much of sexism is internalized, like racism. Women included fall into this trap of calling another woman a slut or whore because of their sex number, but ignore it when it comes to men. A man can sleep with 300 women, one-night stand and all and some women won’t even bat and eyelash but if it’s a woman who has slept with 300 men then people come after her with vengeance.

An example, every few years or months Yahoo! will have an article about a woman who has slept with over a 100 men and all this crap, um why? There are men that have surpassed her number but we never pull them out, so why are we pulling her card?

Back to The Number, how do we know her number is not 1 or 2 persons more than her fiancé’s?

Guys, who are quick to call women whores and sluts because of this or that, shut up and shut up now, if these so-called “whores,” “sluts,” and any other degrading name you have for them did not exist, you would have only your hand to help you.


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