Um, what the heck? Who would even…. SMH!


I’ve noticed something when I check out my blog stats. One of my most popular blog posts is entitled Interracial Rape Fetish. In that post I discussed how racists are obsessed with the idea that black men are raping white women at epidemic proportions, and they don’t hesitate to make that point known. Even though it is highly exaggerated, white racists believe the hype. Yet, they seem to do virtually nothing about it but talk, talk, talk.

So, I theorized that those obsessed with interracial rape concerning black men and white women are not as concerned as they seem. I believe they are more infatuated with the thought as opposed to being disgusted. The evidence is shown in the fascination with interracial porn especially when it came to the cuckold fantasy involving a cheating wives having sex with black men and seeing white women gangbanged by black males. It…

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