God’s Angel: Ruby Dunson

Ruby Dunson and her daughter

 Ruby Dunson is a savior of lost and neglected souls.
The 80-year-old Detroiter has been raising abandoned children for 42 years — a job she first embraced while living at the old Herman Gardens Project. The widowed mother of two came home from work, and a neighbor asked her to watch her newborn.
“She said, ‘Will you keep her for me? I want to go to a concert.’ And she never came back,” said Dunson, who ended up raising the girl.
She was the first of several children that Dunson took in.
She raised 10 successful children in her 895-square-foot brick home on Detroit’s west side, eight of whom were not her own but were either abandoned at birth or abused as kids.
They grew up to be a nurse, a paralegal, a sheriff’s deputy, a doctor in reading education, a Chrysler plant worker, an aspiring medical school student, a U-Haul driver, a human services employee, and two stay-at-home moms.
Among them is Theresa Dunson, 28, who was abandoned at birth at the hospital, weighing just 2 pounds. Ruby Dunson learned about the infant from social services and slept at the hospital for a month before bringing her home and eventually adopting her.”Personally, she’s my hero,” Theresa Dunson said. “She saved me from — I don’t know — a life of the unknown.”
Ruby Dunson, a widow for nearly 50 years, has lived on Pierson Street all this time, never drawing attention to her quiet but heroic deeds.
She recently came to the attention of the Free Press because Dunson lives in the childhood home of U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade — who was featured in a recent article about her Detroit roots.
“This little house sure produced some good people,” Dunson said humbly upon learning that McQuade grew up in her house.
Dunson recently met McQuade and cried when she embraced the prosecutor on her walkway.
“She is an inspiration,” McQuade said. “She is a quiet hero who saved children and guided them to become highly productive citizens.”
Dunson said she had no choice but to raise all those kids.
“I believe God was testing me,” she said. “He put those kids at my door and said, ‘What are you gonna do?’

I thank God for people like her, this story helps me to remember that God does have angels in human skin that he use to bless others. Ruby Dunson you are an angel amongst mortals and I pray that you and your family continue to be blessed by the most high.

The beautiful Dunson Family

Link for article:Quiet Hero


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