Marvel:Don’t get Messed up!

Okay I have heard of the strong possibility of a Black Panther movie being made. Now this is what makes my face split into a huge grin, but as usual there is always a problem; the setting of the film won’t be in Africa. Um… Marvel do you want to die? The Black Panther is a Wakandian king and hero and he don’t give a watch-your-mouth about anything but the protection of his super rich kingdom and his people and you mean to tell me you can’t create a Wakanda on the big screen? Should I remind your dumb asses that you created Assgard, I mean seriously what the flip is that? The name let alone the white people all up in that place, it make no sense that the further you get from Earth the more white the people become but that is a post for another day, does not make one lick of sense; yet you were able to create it. So that means you can create Wakanda, but you don’t want to and that’s what it boils down to. I watched your dumbass Avengers movie, despite the fact there was no diversity, but if you already trying to fuck this up before it’s even shot, I am calling you out.

I get it the white people and the white Jews want to recolonize African countries, stick them with diseases to kill them off, because they can’t breed them out with the colorism fuckery they do over there, and steal their land and the last thing they need is for a fiction African country to be viewed as African kingdoms of the past, but you guys wanted to bring this to the big screen so you guys must do it right. I already knew bullshit would arise because white people working on something amazingly African with so-called “color-blindness” leaves room for an epic disaster i.e. how President Obama has been treated.

But this is all-or nothing, either go hard or go home and I mean this seriously. Do not even attempt this movie if you won’t do it the justice it deserves because you will not fuck up my childhood and one of the few African superheroes that are gangsta! In the words of Drake “don’t do it, please don’t do it,” if you can’t even do the location right. I mean where will he be the awesome King he is? In America? I’m sorry but seeing how America is the blind leading the blind on racism I don’t see how he would have an easy amazing time in this country.

I have to be real on this: You guys don’t want an African hero for Africans everywhere to look up to because you had no problem with the likes of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Spiderman and so on and making their movies because they are white, well I was tired of them because a white man with dark brown hair or blonde hair and various eye color is still white so the shit was a repeat of shit we have already seen. Since you guys already know the money you can make from these movies, do the right thing for the Black Panther movie because it is a movie that has been a long time coming and just cause You Only Live Once don’t mean you can’t and won’t get fucked up, financially of course.

If I sound passionate about this well its because this series is the truth and dang on it I want kids, all kids to look up to this great man because lawd knows Marvel messed up Storm, *weeps*. This series is also on Netflick so watch it 🙂



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