Deny, Denial, and Deny

I haven’t mentioned the Colorado movie theater shooting because at first I didn’t follow it. Now that I have continuously seen footage of it and the news sensationalizing it I want to say a few words.

America you cannot glamorize violence in all forms of entertainment and then become surprised when it backfires. Those who play with fire always get burned; you are not Moses talking to a burning bush.

I truly feel for the shooters lawyer that has to defend him and before any outrage is given understand that as a lawyer you must represent your client. From my understanding and as I was told a lawyer cannot deny representation to a client they are assigned to, unless you work for yourself or something, even if that client is obviously guilty, even if you know that client is guilty and even if the client tells you they are guilty, you have no choice. So as the lawyer begins making weak defenses understand that there is not much she can do.

My heart and prayers go to the victims and their family. I do not like when people are hurt and made to suffer, especially kids. This situation ended up hurting a lot of people and it’s not right. The act was senseless and cut too many lives short while making the lives of those that survived increasingly difficult. I pray that these families receive healing as well as those who are recovering.

When it comes to the gunmen all I have to say is I don’t want to hear any crap about mental illness, you know that excuse that is used when white people commit horrible crimes. I’m not turning this into a race issue but white people need to be study in detailed. While all these idiot “studies” were made about black women about our hair, weight, marital status, and so on white guys are committing crimes and are treated as “individual cases”. Well I’m sorry to say but guess what you guys are not individuals when it comes to crimes. So studies need to be done on whites as a whole on what drives them to commit the crimes that they commit.

The gunman wasn’t dumb or slow he knew exactly what he was doing. Last time I check you do not major in whatever science field he majored in while being dumb, it just doesn’t work out that way.

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people, I do not know why this concept is hard to grasp and understand. This is just like the idiot Geraldo saying that Trayvon Martin’s hoodie kills him, what in the Aladdin? The fact that the gunman was even sold such a deadly gun is scary. If an African-American male had tried to buy that gun the FBI, CIA, local police and NASA would have been on him quick and the same would have been done had it been a Hispanic male.

It’s proven that white males are often able to purchase firearms without any sort of background check or raise of an eyebrow, why the hell is that? I’m sorry but if I worked at a gun shop and some guy of any race tried to purchase such a gun I would have immediately alerted police. It should not have taken this tragedy to suddenly have common sense be used i.e. background checking every person of every race that purchase guns.

There are too many cases of white males going on shooting rampages, it’s even a joke that if a white person, mostly male, loses their job do not come in the next day because they will be back with a gun. Well behind every joke are a little truth and unfortunately too many white people are ignore this truth.

Since the word terrorist is used to describe every Black, Hispanic, Arab, Asian and any other person let’s call him what he is: a terrorist. This situation pissed me off because there was such fail in everything leading up to it that I truly wonder how a ball could be dropped so easily.

White people you are not the inherently good people you believe you are, you have your good and your devil and your history shows it all, you all are not great and you all are not angels. You have your good and your bad just like everyone else so stop with this madness of giving benefit of doubt to your brethren and sisteren when they commit dangerous activities.

For the heroes, especially Black heroes that were erased from the news or not talked about I thank you for again sustaining my faith that human beings that have heart still exist. I thank you for showing that human life matters and that whether we know one another or not we can and will help one another when the time arrives. I simply thank you for being brave and helping to save the lives of people that you do not know.

The punk that left his girlfriend and their children in the movie theater while he ran for freedom to his car and drove off go slap yourself. I’m done.






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