Acceptance: The Magic Desire

Does everyone want to belong? Yes. Does everyone want to be in the “in” crowd? Yes. Does everyone want to be beautiful? Yes. Does anyone want to be tolerated? No.

As humans we want a lot of things and are told what to want, but everyone is or has gone through a phase of wanting to be accepted whether it’s by guys, girls, family, friends, anyone or anything. I have gone through that phase and every now and then I find myself going through it again.

No one is perfect no matter how one acts, appears, or seems no one is perfect and that is what needs to be drilled into the heads of people who seem to think that perfection exists.

I have two attitudes: sometimes I care and sometimes I genuinely don’t give a dang, but there are times where I shield myself to protect myself.

You must accept yourself flaws and all. As humans we tend to focus on our flaws and maximize them, but either way they are there for a reason. Like me I have hairy arms and there are times I don’t like them, but for one reason I refuse to shave them and it has nothing to do with pain it’s just something in me that refuses to do it.

Now have I seen arms worse them mine, yep but for me it’s my own flaw that I maximize but on most days I barely even realize it lol. But I have many moments when I like them more than when I don’t because it’s a part of me and it’s great to cover me from the winter lol. Weirdly no one ever says anything about them when I wear short sleeve shirts.

It’s easier said than done yes, but accepting yourself is important because the hurdles people jump through to be accepted could be avoided if they accepted themselves. You can’t want someone to find you amazing when you don’t find yourself amazing.

When you accept yourself you begin to build confidence, not in the way that you become big-headed or have to pick apart the next person to make yourself feel better, but a confidence that flows from the inside out.

Accept yourself no matter what others say, whether it be family, friends, idiots and more, cause at the end of the day they are not you and they couldn’t be if they tried.



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