Spiritual Relationships

I believe that no matter ones spiritual belief there is an importance of having spiritual relationships. I wanted to use the word personal instead of spiritual but I thought about the difference between the two and how they are applied when it comes to society. In every form of entertainment personal relationships are explored, romance, bromance, best friends, lovers, family, friends, pets, clothes and so on. One can even have a personal relationship with inanimate objects and one can express their personal relationship with their words but more popularly their body, which makes sense since we mostly communicate with our bodies more than our words.

However personal relationships can be with many things at once or vice versa and in more ways than one can be impersonal. As humans we, collective we, place a lot of stock, time, energy, money, emotions, mental health, self-esteem, happiness, and so on into relationships, especially in romantic situations. Yet, when it comes to our spiritual relationships we are empty. Spiritual relationships are a lot more intimate and deeper than personal relationships, in my mind.

Have you ever met someone and instantly knew you and them would not get along? Or that you and them would instantly become good friends? I have had both scenarios and it was my spirit that saw them before my brain could even comprehend. I believe in the saying that like attracts like. Usually when I feel something off about someone I heed it because my spirit has never been wrong.

In a book series that I read and find amazing called Staying Pure by Stephanie Perry Moore spiritual relationships were touched on; the book mostly talks about Payton Skyy, a teenager torn between following God and following the world. The book touches on how deeply two people can bond when they put God, or whatever name is used for God, first and at the front of the relationship.

You can’t have a spiritual relationship with just anyone or anything, the spirit has a way of seeing the good or bad in a person, place, or thing before our emotions cloud us and before we exhaust ourselves. I’ll try to give us a challenge; try to cultivate spiritual relationships with like-spirited and like-minded people.



  1. Energy is what guides us. You can literally pick up on the negative energy of a person, internalize it and become self destructive. I am a woman born of my grandmother’s nature. I dream of what’s to come and feel on a deeper level than most people. Therefore it’s imperative for me to distance myself from negativity and harmful behavior.

    When I was injured, and home disabled, I wondered why Jah put me into this predicament. It was to reflect on my life, my job, friends, family and my spirit. I realized with alarm how unhappy I was…and who was the culprit of it all. So that’s why I’m leaving medicine to work from home.

    When you have a spiritual relationship with someone, it’s imperative that they are not just respectful but positive in their thinking. Or else it will drag you down…I’ve been there.

    • You are right you can internalize another persons energy whether its good or bad. It sucked that you were injured but I am glad that you had time to reflect and get closer to him. I find myself need to reflect on a spiritual level because when the spirit is restless and not in a positive place you will find yourself physically tired and mentally confused.

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