Where are the Pharisees and Sadducees Now?

I read a post by Brothawolf called The Hateful Savior and he states that he is agnostic although on the fence about whether or not God exists and he talked about how Christians have used the bible to justify the hatred they spew. He mentioned that if there was a God why he would allow the world to be in such a chaotic state. I hear this argument from many non-believers especially when they take the actions or words of a few “Christians” and apply it to the rest.

I am here to say that not all Christians are alike, just like not all Muslims are alike, so this joint effort to generalize needs to stop. Before Jesus came God called for people to beware of those that would claim to be Christian only to be green snakes in a green grass. When Jesus arrived he warned his disciples and other believers to beware of false teachers and teachings, the Pharisees and Sadducees. After Jesus, God continued to warn his people.

The Pharisees and Sadducees were haters as I said in the previous post but they were more than that. These were people that knew how to deceive people, while justifying it. Jesus knew them for who they were and dealt with them accordingly, confusing them on purpose, but he was serious when he warned his disciples about them.

In Matthew 16:5-12, Jesus talks to his disciples. The disciples forgot to bring bread with them, so when Jesus told them not to eat the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees, due to an encounter with them that was not pleasant, they thought he was talking about bread. Jesus probably was annoyed at this point seeing how he is talking about something serious and they are thinking of food; he is like have you forgotten the five loafs of bread that fed 5,000 people with leftover? No, I’m not talking to ya’ll about bread, why do you not understand that? Then he repeated in verse 11, “But be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees,” (NIV, Zondervan). Then they understood that he wasn’t talking about bread he was talking about the Pharisees and Sadducees teachings.

So where are the Pharisees and Sadducees now? They are still here and they never left, as time has changed so have their tactics, they take bits and pieces of the bible and distort it to believers just to cause problem or to appear as though they are righteous so they can cover their sins.

Is homosexuality a sin? Yes it is, the bible clearly states that, BUT the bible also states that lying is a sin, stealing is a sin, adultery is a sin, murdering is a sin and so on. God also stated that no sin is above the other, they are all equal. Guess what I am a sinner; therefore, I try not to cast stones, that I wouldn’t want thrown at me, on others. Anyone that tells you that they haven’t sinned is sinning because they are lying.

Anyone that condemns homosexuals to hellfire will have God to answer to, plain and simple, for their own sins. People who act these ways are Pharisees and Sadducees.

During slavery you had white people using parts of the Bible to justify their reason for treating humans inhumanely. Guess what they were? Pharisees and Sadducees. Why were slave owners able to justify their sinful actions? Mostly because the people they enslaved could not read. Slave owners were very insistent on not allowing the humans they enslaved to read, why? Because if they could read the Bible for themselves then they could see that the slave owners were liars and misusing the Bible and God’s words.

Pharisees and Sadducees are everywhere; they can be teachers, bishops, deacons, pastors, judges, police, politicians, government officials, men, women, straight or gay, and so on. How many scandals of pastors and priests, Catholic Church, molesting children and raping children are hidden and kept on the hush on purpose? A lot.

This is why God calls for us to read his word for ourselves. That’s why he calls for us to have a personal relationship with him above everything because he knows there are people deliberately distorting his word to lead his people astray. Let’s be real didn’t the devil know the Bible when he was tempting Jesus after his fast for 40 days and 40 nights? Anyone can quote scripture and tell you the history behind it and so on that is why knowing your word is not enough.

Hence why discernment is important. Too many people, place people with titles in churches on pedestals because and allow these people to lead them astray. Anyone who comes in God’s name will not allow you to worship them in anyway shape or form they will constantly tell you to worship God. I don’t care what title anyone holds in a church, if my spirit don’t vibe with you then it doesn’t and I won’t place anyone on any pedestal because strip away their title and they are sinners just like the rest of us.

In Matthew 15: 1-16, Jesus not only goes in on the Pharisees and Sadducees, but he explains that what goes in a person’s mouth does not make them unclean, but what comes out of a person’s mouth that makes him unclean. I’m not attacking anyone but I am tired of people letting other people speak for God, his words, and his people.

The last main argument I have is about why God allows this world to be as it is. God did not want the world to be how it is but when you have wicked human beings and demonic spirits running around you definitely don’t get paradise. Even if God did clean up our mess, who’s to say we would stop being wicked. Understand that the heart is wicked; the Bible mentions this too many times for it to just be a fluke. In order for the world not to be like this God would have to change people’s hearts but we have this funny thing called free will that people like to overlook when everything is bad and apply when things are great.

I say all this to say, if someone is saying things and do not have scripture to back it up, meaning you need to look and find for yourself that what they are saying is exactly what God has written, then you need to be very careful about listening to that person. If you are a non-believer and don’t care to read the bible then continue to do you, it’s sad but you have free will.

Again I am not coming for anyone but this mindset bothers me.

Missing: Diajah Walker

Missing From Upper Marlboro, Maryland Since August 11, 2012. Please Help Find Diajah Walker Eighteen-year-old. Diajah Walker is missing from Upper Marlboro, Maryland. She was last seen on Saturday, August 11.
She is described as a black female with black hair, brown eyes, 4’11” tall and 98 pounds. See the two photos attached to this article. Authorities say Diajah may be wearing eyeglasses, she has a tattoo of a butterfly on her right shoulder, and a scar on her right elbow.
Diajah was last seen wearing a blue/white/green t-shirt, green cargo pants, a blue Polo baseball cap, and gold sandals.
 Authorities say Diajah may frequent the Upper Marlboro or Oxon Hill areas of Prince George’s County.
If you see her please call, Prince George’s County Police at 301-390-2100. You may also call the Maryland Center for Missing Children at 1-800-637-5437 (1-800-MDS-KIDS). Please share her flyer with your friends.
A online flyer is a excellent way to get the word out about a Missing Person. With todays technology it can be viewed literally anywhere, computers, Ipads, Cell phones, forwarded, downloaded and printed, etc. You can also tag your friends to the flyer which is another good way to spread the word quickly about a missing person, (you must “Like” the page it’s uploaded on before it will let you tag it).
Missing on Facebook: www.facebook.com/missingcases
Missing on Twitter: www.twitter.com/missingcases
Photo: Missing From Upper Marlboro, Maryland Since August 11, 2012 Please Help Find Diajah Walker

Eighteen-year-old Diajah Walker is missing from Upper Marlboro, Maryland. She was last seen on Saturday, August 11.

She is described as a black female with black hair, brown eyes, 4'11" tall and 98 pounds. See the two photos attached to this article. Authorities say Diajah may be wearing eyeglasses, she has a tattoo of a butterfly on her right shoulder, and a scar on her right elbow. 

Diajah was last seen wearing a blue/white/green t-shirt, green cargo pants, a blue Polo baseball cap, and gold sandals. 

Authorities say Diajah may frequent the Upper Marlboro or Oxon Hill areas of Prince George's County. If you see her please call, Prince George's County Police at 301-390-2100. You may also call the Maryland Center for Missing Children at 1-800-637-5437 (1-800-MDS-KIDS).

Please share her flyer with your friends. A online flyer is a excellent way to get the word out about a Missing Person. With todays technology it can be viewed literally anywhere, computers, Ipads, Cell phones, forwarded, downloaded and printed, etc. You can also tag your friends to the flyer which is another good way to spread the word quickly about a missing person, (you must "Like" the page it's uploaded on before it will let you tag it).

Missing on Facebook: www.facebook.com/missingcases

Missing on Twitter: www.twitter.com/missingcases

Source: http://www.wusa9.com/news/article/217013/0/Diajah-Walker-18-Missing-From-Upper-Marlboro-Md-
I got this from Black&Missing Facebook. Please lets help to forward this message and to help bring these children home safely and please pray for them wherever they are. There is strength in number and prayer.


From young we are conditioned to treat others based on how they look. There are studies that show that kids react warmly to attractive than non-attractive people; however, in order for that to happen a kid must already have a preconceived notion of what is attractive and that can be from just looking at their family.

Some parents try to teach their children that it’s about the heart of a person more than their looks, but society has a way of influencing us whether we want to admit it or not. Appearance is important, some may say just as important as smarts. When meeting someone for the first time all you see is their looks and body, some jobs only hire those that look a certain way, and there are people that will bend over backwards for people they deem attractive.

The bible talks about appearances and how God, knowing the heart of humans, kept it in mind when he sent his only son Jesus to die for our sins. The way I heard it, although I need to seek scripture to be certain, Jesus wasn’t exactly a looker, he did not look like Idris Elba, Blair Underwood, Sean Blakemore and etc, he probably looked like an average dude. However, since that is debatable I will move on to something more concrete such as Jesus’ economic background.

In the Old Testament, when God had his prophets speak of his son’s arrival, no one knew for certain what he would look like and for good reason. No one knew because God never had his prophet’s focus on Jesus’ looks he had them preach about his duty and what he would accomplish once he arrived. Since Jesus was going to accomplish such great things, the people probably thought he would be born into wealth, be fine as all get out, and bathed in gold and silver trimmed decorative outfits.

It’s like when someone sets you on a blind date and tells you how the person is smart, religious, hard worker, has a lot of money, very talented and so on and you build this image in your head as to how your date looks until you see them and your fantasy is shattered. For some people if the person is not attractive or does not dress to impress they are not giving them a chance and as humans we have all been guilty of it.

When Jesus finally walked the earth many people still held the notion of what Jesus would be like or dress like and they had him so gassed up appearance wise that when they finally saw him they walked right past him like, “No way is that the guy my ancestors have been talking about, where is the gold and silver, the angels, and the status?” I really think many of the people expected Jesus to be amongst the Pharisees because again they had status and were recognized as religiously important. Even the Pharisees didn’t believe Jesus was Jesus.

In Matthews 13:53-57, Jesus encounters this situation amongst his own people. Jesus came to his hometown to lead them to God, teaching in their synagogues and at first the people were amazed and in awe. Then they began asking questions about where he got his powers from, and isn’t he the son of a carpenter and isn’t his mother Mary, and doesn’t he have siblings and isn’t he one if us? Those believing that he was one of them, no better or no more special than them caused them to take offense at him. Jesus told them that only in his hometown is he a prophet without honor.

This is powerful here because Jesus has been to different towns and cities preaching the word of God and has endured some good moments and some bad, but when he came to his hometown, a place where he could have thought that he would be received more warmly, he was shunned. They shunned him because he was just like them.

I’ve seen how people can act when they see someone as nothing special, they outright ignore the person or treat them like nothing. It’s like how some people will wear jewelry all over them, driving around in their nice car appearing rich and high-end store clerks will rush to wait on them; meanwhile the person walking around in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and some simple shoes would be overlooked by the same clerks. For instance Nehemiah spoke to God wondering if he was listening and watching because the wicked were wealthy and prosperous, at that time wealth was viewed as favor with God. God had to check Nehemiah and tell him that looks were deceiving.

That is how the devil is able to get us without fail he knows that we are visual people, whether woman or man, and we respond to what our eyes see. So he is sure to appear before us in the form of a tempting man or a tempting woman or a person with money or status. I mean wasn’t he considered one of the most beautiful angels before he was cast down and isn’t this world obsessed with physical beauty above all else?

God knew exactly what he was doing when he made Jesus have humble beginnings because had he dolled Jesus up I’m sure the Pharisees would have tried to rub elbows with him and everyone would have flocked to him, but they would have been more focused on his appearance than his word. God makes it clear that he will not entertain us with grand details, but he will give us small details, some that we miss very often looking for some huge miraculous sign.

Notice how any man or woman that ever focused on the physical appeal of a person only, mostly end up being bitter and jaded because that person “used” them and so on? Well appearances are deceiving and God knows it that’s why we can never fool him the way we can fool others because he knows us inside and out.

Missing: 15-year old Gabrielle Swainson

15-year-old Gabrielle Swainson

South Carolina police are looking for Gabrielle “Gabby” Swainson, a 15-year-old cheerleader who disappeared over the weekend while her mother was at work.

“We’re going into day five now and that’s not somewhere that we wanted to be. We need to bring her home,” said Chandra Cleveland-Jennings, an investigator with the Columbia [S.C.] Protection Agency, a security group hired by the family to assist in the case.

Swainson was last seen at about 3:30 a.m. Saturday in her Columbia home, when her mother, Elvia Swainson, left for work.

The girl’s mother told police her daughter was asleep in her bedroom before she left. When the teen’s mother returned at about 7:15 that morning, she heard an alarm clock going off inside the home, according to Cleveland-Jennings.

She yelled for her daughter and when she didn’t answer, Swainson went upstairs, but Swainson was one. The alarm had been set for 5:45 a.m., suggesting the teen was not there when it went off.

There was nothing taken from the home,” Gabby Swainson’s aunt Zoraida Turnipseed told The Huffington Post. “Her purse, keys, money and identification was still there. The only thing missing was Gabby, her cellphone and the clothing she had on. She was only alone for four hours at the most.”

Calls to Swainson’s cell phone go straight to voice mail, Turnipseed added. “We have no idea what happened or where she could be. We just want to find her. We want to bring her home safe.”

Read More: Gabrielle Swainson, South Carolina Cheerleader, Vanished Without A Trace

Please please please pray for this young ladies safety and help to spread and pass the word. There are many theories, but what is most important is that she is found safe and sound. Please spread the word to everyone especially those in South Carolina. Lets get this on every radio station and news outlet whether regional, local, or national. We must help to find our missing.

Standing Up for Yourself

When learning about what it means to be a Christian, from a young age, we are taught that we must be kind and turn the other cheek. Checking someone or standing up for oneself is not added into that teaching. However, the bible talks about standing up for oneself without cursing or fighting, although fighting may be necessary. One of the most important people to speak up for himself was Jesus. Jesus knew what awaited him when he came down to earth and he knew the verbal rebuke he would face. However, in the midst of it Jesus always stood up for himself and God.

First time we see Jesus stand up for him is in Matthews 4:1-11. It begins with Jesus having fasted for 40 days and 40 nights and the devil tempting him knowing that he was hungry. Every time the devil tempted him with riches, food, earthly possessions and more Jesus responded back to him with scripture. He could have ignored the devil, but he didn’t, he continuously checked him until he fled from him. What I originally got from this passage is that we can overcome our temptations if we know and use God’s word; however there is something else to it.

When anything or anyone comes for you, your faith, your spirituality, your God or more you do not ignore them, you stand up for yourself and check them. I’m not saying to beat them senseless or curse them and the generation after them, just put them in their place without anger.

Jesus not only stood up for himself spiritually but he also stood up for himself in this world. Notice that the Pharisees always had a snide remark toward anything Jesus did or said and would ask him questions to trap him. Again Jesus could have ignored them but he always responded back leaving them confused and even angrier at the fact that they were confused. Lol, Jesus must have had a field day with them.

In Matthews 9: 9-12 Jesus sat with Levi aka Matthew, a tax collector and other tax collectors. The Bible implies that tax-collectors were not well liked people. They cared more about money than people, consider them the ancestors of the IRS. Anyway, when the Pharisees’ saw Jesus eating with these tax-collectors they asked his disciples why he was eating with “sinners.”

The Pharisees’ didn’t outright ask Jesus they inquired about him to his disciples. Basically whispering like little kids. Remember a time when you over heard someone talking smack about you, now some stand up for themselves but others ignore it. Again Jesus could have ignored them but he answered them directly and told them that a doctor does not come to see healthy patients, but the sick. Boom! Right there he shut them down using pure logic.

Jesus didn’t flip a table on these bammas, put a gun to their heads, or threaten them he just checked them. The weird thing about haters, yes the Pharisees were haters, are that they are very persistent in their mindset and cannot rest until they provoke you.

The Pharisees again tried to come for Jesus in Matthew 12:1-14 and Jesus continued to respond to them and make them look stupid. God knows the world that we live in and he knows that there is no way for us to be naive or meek when surrounded by vipers. Since he understands this he knows that we will have to stand up for ourselves if we are to have peace of mind.

Being a Christian does not require us to be doormats or people pleasers, or this world’s definition of “nice.” We are to follow God’s commandments and we are to be strong. Personally, for years I wouldn’t stand up for myself and even now I have moments when it’s hard for me because I will be rocking the boat. Every time I ignored someone or brushed them off and not stand up for myself I felt hopeless and helpless; however, when I would stand up for myself I felt not only confident but empowered as a person that deserved to defend myself against anything and anyone.

It is not easy, trust me, and it won’t be an overnight change but we must stand up for ourselves. If we can’t even stand up for ourselves we sure as heck won’t defend our Lord and even he knows it. So the take away is to read your bible especially the verses I have talked about with an open mind and see why God calls for us to stand up for ourselves. I also want us to redefine what a Christian is and what being a Christian is about, not by the worlds standards, but by God’s.

Faith without Work…..

Twice in Matthews 9:22, 29 Jesus talks about how ones faith heals them. It reminded me that somewhere in the bible it is stated that Faith without works is dead and Matthews 9 illustrates this point. Read Matthews 9:22. When the lady who had been bleeding for 12-years touched Jesus’ cloak she truly had faith. She believed that if she could simply touch him she would be healed. This story tells of her faith but it also tells of her works. She worked by getting close enough to Jesus to touch him and her faith did the rest.

I believe that one can have all the faith in the world and not use it. Why? I think it has to do with them believing that faith alone is all that is needed but it’s not. Jesus had serious faith, but he still had to do what he was called to do: bring people to God, drive out demons, heal the sick, and preach the word of God and more. Faith alone wasn’t going to do these things, he still had to go out there and do it.

Now that I think about it Jesus was not just a man of words but a man of action. He had authority, but he put it into use and as a result he brought so many people to his father.

Read Matthews 9:27-33. I’ll summarize it, Two blind men saw Jesus and told him to have mercy on them and heal them. Jesus asked them if they believed that he could heal them, and they responded yes. When he touched their eyes he told them that according to their faith it will be done. The part in bolded is important because Jesus never asked anyone if they believed before so I wonder what made him ask the two blind men, maybe it is because they could not physically see him. And if that is the case then a message in that passage could be that even when one cannot see, figuratively or literally, they must still have faith and they must still work. Those blind men were probably walking all over looking for him, there were no cars, or planes in this time period.

Say there is a job opening at your job and it would be a great promotion for you. You look over the application and see that you meet the requirements and then some and you really feel as though you can get the job. Say you pray to God for the job, you fast, and read your word, but you never applied for the job.

How do you expect to get a job that you never filled out the application for? God can do miracles yes, but even he calls for us to help ourselves. You may have had faith, but you never put your faith to work for you.

I believe there are times when God is like okay you know my word, you love ME, we talk daily, you can hear me, you listen to me and you are really trying, but now I need you to just do it; now I need you to step out on that faith. It’s easy to talk big, but God is not fooled that is why he requires us to walk big too. Talking does not get you very far, but walking or running can.

God is so good because he knows we can talk to ourselves for 20-years and never move a muscle. I am a guilty of having faith without work and there have been times God has helped me, but I know there are many times where I should have worked, but didn’t do so out of fear, doubt, and uncertainty; therefore, I let a lot of opportunities that could have been mine flee from me.

In my case it’s easy for me to talk about faith because it’s a comfort zone of mine, but ask me to put that faith to work and I’m full of insecurities and excuses. Faith and Work are twins and you need both in orders to accomplish God’s goals for your life. So the next time you are having trouble with putting your faith to work for you read Matthews 9:18-22, 27-30.