With Greatness comes Haters

NBC is full of feces, gangsta huh? The network knew what they were doing by playing a monkey commercial after Gabby’s performance and then claimed innocent with the typical “it was unintentional” excuse. Commercials and propaganda go hand in hand in communications. You communicate the message as quickly as possible to the point where you take the viewer’s mind to other places.

Ever notice how the news will cover a very saddening story, rape, assault, homicide, suicide, and then a commercial about McDonalds or clothes with smiling people will come on exactly after it and you’re left confused? Yeah it’s called programming for a reason. Things are set up deliberately to play with one’s subconscious think about how easily we can internalize messages without knowing that we are.

NBC’s motive was to call Gabby a monkey and to have people associate her as such. Such bold racism deserves a response: you guys can kiss Gabrielle Douglas’ foot because she is a Gold Medal Olympian. She has been destined and ordained for this moment and no slick rick shade will change that. I have nothing against America’s white sweethearts but they weren’t bringing the heat, Gabby was. The girl led her team to greatness and people are upset because it wasn’t their great white hope.

NBC you have been a network for a very long time and you have dished out just as much crap this country has in terms of racism, you knew exactly what you were doing and you did it anyway not caring. First of all who really watches your network? I mean really I bet the Olympics is the most your network has been viewed and you are not the only network playing the Olympics. Then your commentators are bitter, angry, and jealous looking cocaine addicts that are full of themselves.

One thing that annoys me is when commentators, who could not do a backflip let alone a cart-wheel, say insensitive things about athletes as though they are in their league. These people make it look easy, but try doing what they are doing and end up in the hospital.

Also, why the heck where you guys focusing on Jordn Wieber as though she carried the team, ummmm STOP! I congratulate every single woman on that team, BUT one star always shine brighter than the others and that star was Gabby Douglas. Michael Phelps wasn’t the only swimmer for USA, but the media sure hyped him up before Lochte got them gold. I laugh at the shade being thrown Gabby’s way it, shows how a lot of people simply can’t enjoy good things happening to good people due to racism, sexism, and jealousy.

Team Douglas all day and Douglas forever, I’m out.



  1. I don’t care what NBC say’s they that was intentional. They thought they were slick trying to insert that racist commercial after Gabby won the gold. They will always try to find a way to call black people monkeys. The other foolishness about the hair was stupid too. I can’t believe they would talk about hair. When history was being made. The fact remains Gabby is a true champion.And she is rising above the crap. And being the shining star that she is destined to be.

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