Missing: 17-year-old Morgan Martin

A pregnant 17-year-old has gone missing after going to tell the father of her child she met on Facebook that she was having a girl. Morgan Martin, of St Petersburg, Florida, stepped outside her house on July 25 to give the father the results of an ultrasound. The scan had revealed she was expecting a girl. The man, aged 26, has not been identified beyond the fact that he is from Kansas City. Morgan’s sister, Sierra Cahill, 20, saw her leave the house wearing a white tank top, a pink jacket, gray pants and pink slippers around 12.30am. No one has seen her since. Police spokesman Mike Puetz said there are few clues to her disappearance. ‘We don’t have any evidence of an abduction, no evidence of a homicide or an assault,’ Puetz said. ‘We just have a set of circumstances that strike a very ominous tone. ‘There’s obviously some concern that this just doesn’t seem right. Scenarios like this usually don’t have a positive outcome.’ But authorities do not think Morgan ran away from home.
There’s a difference between a runaway situation and something like this,’ said Puetz. When Morgan’s mother, Leah Martin, 43, woke at 5am to go to work, she noticed that the lights, television and air conditioning were all still on. She then began the search for her daughter. Sierra told the mother that Morgan wasn’t picking up her phone and wasn’t responding to Facebook messages.
A phone bill shows that Morgan’s cell phone received more that 1,000 calls the day she disappeared from family and friends trying to find her. She left her purse, money and identification at her house, WTSP reported. The Tampa Bay Times reported that Morgan ran away when she was 15, but she went to a friend’s house and informed her sister of her whereabouts. Her mother said that Morgan normally called her as much as four or five times a day. ‘She’s not a runaway. I know my daughter,’ said Leah Martin said. ‘She won’t go anywhere without letting somebody know.’ Leah reportedly warned her daughter about spending time with the baby’s father. ‘I told her, ‘Morgan, you don’t want anything to do with him… You’re a kid. If he gets caught with you, he’s going to jail,’ she said. The Orlando Sentinel reported police have one clue – Morgan may have been seen getting into a white vehicle.
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Please help to find her and spread the word. Also please keep her in your prayers.




  1. This is really sad reading all these articles about missing children. It’s very heartbreaking. And it pisses me off that the mainstream media doesn’t cover their stories. I guess if you’re not the right color or have a certain income your life means less. A damn shame!

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