The Domination of the Queens

This Olympic has been so fun I can’t stop watching, except for when the boring sports are on. So you have women kicking butt all up and through the Olympics and the media has been sure to gloss over them and pay them no much mind or if they do it’s about their mother’s finances and hair, side eye. So rather than wait for the media to get on board I’ll just do the coverage myself. Let’s Get it.

I can never say this enough but Ms. Douglas you are just too real and too powerful. You have made history twice in one Olympic, you already have a legacy and you are only 16-years-old! Keep doing your thing because you have an amazing group of fans of all race, age, and gender behind you.

Kayla Ross, you have been ignored by the media and yet you have proven to be amazing in your routines. You are 15-years-old and have a gold medal. You know how to control your emotions and get it done! You are amazing in your routines and I find myself rooting for you just as much as I do Gabby. You will be a force to be reckoned with come the next Olympics.

Serena Williams gosh man you know you bad there’s nothing more to say than that you are a BAMF! Oh and your crip walk was all good celebrate how you want to. You continue to dominate tennis and inspire more young girls and young women. You make me want to pick up tennis just for fun. Did I mention that your body is just awesomely beautiful I need workout tips? I am always happy to see you dominate every mofo in tennis and remind the world as to why you are the queen of tennis.

Sanya Richards-Ross woman you are a boss! The way you ran and snatched up that gold medal proves how vicious you are and how untouchable you are. The gold medal was meant for you no questions about it. You made two different countries proud and Usain Bolt gave you mad respect as he should. I’m glad I got to see you run and I’m disturbed that I never knew about you before. I hope to see you at many more Olympics to come.

Dawn Harper you got it! I just saw you as I’m typing this. Your skin is gorgeous please give me your beauty tips I need them. In the Semi-finals the way you went over those hurdles was very much like Jackie Joyner Kersee. Gosh you represented like I don’t know what. I’m glad that I got to see you because now I know who to look for and root for in the future.

These women opened the eyes of many to the sacrifices they make to reach this point the focus and determination they need to stay at this point and how much of a Bad Ass Mofo they are. These women get the job done despite pressure, despite ignorance, and despite the media being a bucket of crap. I’m glad that I and so many have gotten to see history in the making. You guys ran for your country, which really doesn’t deserve it, and put it down. I hope that the Lord above continues to grace you queens with many blessings and favor, I thank you. I thank all the women that have represented USA.




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