Domination of the Queens II

Kellie Wells your story reminds me that God is good and that no matter what God will sustain you and bring you up. This woman went through serious abuse at the hands of her mother’s boyfriend, some reports say it was her step father, and due to it escaped through track. I thank you Wells for showing that triumph is possible no matter what you go through or what you experience. May God continue to bless you.

Claressa Shields You freaking rock! 17-years-old and you are the first woman to win gold in boxing and the first U.S. woman to do so as well. This Olympic has been the year of the youth because so many are setting legacies, breaking records and staking their claims all younger than 20. Shields’ here are a thousand and infinity to congrats to you. I saw when they interviewed you after your win, I will try to watch your win when it’s available on the net, and your happiness was affectionate. Your smiling and laughing made me do the same. I don’t know what you plan to do next but I hope you continue to build on your legacy.

Carmelita Jeter I became a fan of yours the moment I saw you. I want my stomach to be just like yours, help me! The relay race I saw, goodness gracious. You are amazing and running is definitely a talent the Lord above has provided you with. Amid all the allegations and speculations I believe that you are a talented athlete. Continue to do you and continue to race your heart out and inspire.

Allyson Felix Team Felix! And team fast! You inspire me to run all the athletes inspire me to want to do their sport. Seeing you run is just crazy. You got three golds to your name and I’m happy for you. I hope to see you in the coming Olympics and to see you continue to represent U.S. and help to get the country more gold.

I know for a fact that this post needs to be updated, but for now I wish all these women more success and more blessings. Thanks for making your states and country proud.



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