Faith without Work…..

Twice in Matthews 9:22, 29 Jesus talks about how ones faith heals them. It reminded me that somewhere in the bible it is stated that Faith without works is dead and Matthews 9 illustrates this point. Read Matthews 9:22. When the lady who had been bleeding for 12-years touched Jesus’ cloak she truly had faith. She believed that if she could simply touch him she would be healed. This story tells of her faith but it also tells of her works. She worked by getting close enough to Jesus to touch him and her faith did the rest.

I believe that one can have all the faith in the world and not use it. Why? I think it has to do with them believing that faith alone is all that is needed but it’s not. Jesus had serious faith, but he still had to do what he was called to do: bring people to God, drive out demons, heal the sick, and preach the word of God and more. Faith alone wasn’t going to do these things, he still had to go out there and do it.

Now that I think about it Jesus was not just a man of words but a man of action. He had authority, but he put it into use and as a result he brought so many people to his father.

Read Matthews 9:27-33. I’ll summarize it, Two blind men saw Jesus and told him to have mercy on them and heal them. Jesus asked them if they believed that he could heal them, and they responded yes. When he touched their eyes he told them that according to their faith it will be done. The part in bolded is important because Jesus never asked anyone if they believed before so I wonder what made him ask the two blind men, maybe it is because they could not physically see him. And if that is the case then a message in that passage could be that even when one cannot see, figuratively or literally, they must still have faith and they must still work. Those blind men were probably walking all over looking for him, there were no cars, or planes in this time period.

Say there is a job opening at your job and it would be a great promotion for you. You look over the application and see that you meet the requirements and then some and you really feel as though you can get the job. Say you pray to God for the job, you fast, and read your word, but you never applied for the job.

How do you expect to get a job that you never filled out the application for? God can do miracles yes, but even he calls for us to help ourselves. You may have had faith, but you never put your faith to work for you.

I believe there are times when God is like okay you know my word, you love ME, we talk daily, you can hear me, you listen to me and you are really trying, but now I need you to just do it; now I need you to step out on that faith. It’s easy to talk big, but God is not fooled that is why he requires us to walk big too. Talking does not get you very far, but walking or running can.

God is so good because he knows we can talk to ourselves for 20-years and never move a muscle. I am a guilty of having faith without work and there have been times God has helped me, but I know there are many times where I should have worked, but didn’t do so out of fear, doubt, and uncertainty; therefore, I let a lot of opportunities that could have been mine flee from me.

In my case it’s easy for me to talk about faith because it’s a comfort zone of mine, but ask me to put that faith to work and I’m full of insecurities and excuses. Faith and Work are twins and you need both in orders to accomplish God’s goals for your life. So the next time you are having trouble with putting your faith to work for you read Matthews 9:18-22, 27-30.



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