Missing: 15-year old Gabrielle Swainson

15-year-old Gabrielle Swainson

South Carolina police are looking for Gabrielle “Gabby” Swainson, a 15-year-old cheerleader who disappeared over the weekend while her mother was at work.

“We’re going into day five now and that’s not somewhere that we wanted to be. We need to bring her home,” said Chandra Cleveland-Jennings, an investigator with the Columbia [S.C.] Protection Agency, a security group hired by the family to assist in the case.

Swainson was last seen at about 3:30 a.m. Saturday in her Columbia home, when her mother, Elvia Swainson, left for work.

The girl’s mother told police her daughter was asleep in her bedroom before she left. When the teen’s mother returned at about 7:15 that morning, she heard an alarm clock going off inside the home, according to Cleveland-Jennings.

She yelled for her daughter and when she didn’t answer, Swainson went upstairs, but Swainson was one. The alarm had been set for 5:45 a.m., suggesting the teen was not there when it went off.

There was nothing taken from the home,” Gabby Swainson’s aunt Zoraida Turnipseed told The Huffington Post. “Her purse, keys, money and identification was still there. The only thing missing was Gabby, her cellphone and the clothing she had on. She was only alone for four hours at the most.”

Calls to Swainson’s cell phone go straight to voice mail, Turnipseed added. “We have no idea what happened or where she could be. We just want to find her. We want to bring her home safe.”

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Please please please pray for this young ladies safety and help to spread and pass the word. There are many theories, but what is most important is that she is found safe and sound. Please spread the word to everyone especially those in South Carolina. Lets get this on every radio station and news outlet whether regional, local, or national. We must help to find our missing.



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