From young we are conditioned to treat others based on how they look. There are studies that show that kids react warmly to attractive than non-attractive people; however, in order for that to happen a kid must already have a preconceived notion of what is attractive and that can be from just looking at their family.

Some parents try to teach their children that it’s about the heart of a person more than their looks, but society has a way of influencing us whether we want to admit it or not. Appearance is important, some may say just as important as smarts. When meeting someone for the first time all you see is their looks and body, some jobs only hire those that look a certain way, and there are people that will bend over backwards for people they deem attractive.

The bible talks about appearances and how God, knowing the heart of humans, kept it in mind when he sent his only son Jesus to die for our sins. The way I heard it, although I need to seek scripture to be certain, Jesus wasn’t exactly a looker, he did not look like Idris Elba, Blair Underwood, Sean Blakemore and etc, he probably looked like an average dude. However, since that is debatable I will move on to something more concrete such as Jesus’ economic background.

In the Old Testament, when God had his prophets speak of his son’s arrival, no one knew for certain what he would look like and for good reason. No one knew because God never had his prophet’s focus on Jesus’ looks he had them preach about his duty and what he would accomplish once he arrived. Since Jesus was going to accomplish such great things, the people probably thought he would be born into wealth, be fine as all get out, and bathed in gold and silver trimmed decorative outfits.

It’s like when someone sets you on a blind date and tells you how the person is smart, religious, hard worker, has a lot of money, very talented and so on and you build this image in your head as to how your date looks until you see them and your fantasy is shattered. For some people if the person is not attractive or does not dress to impress they are not giving them a chance and as humans we have all been guilty of it.

When Jesus finally walked the earth many people still held the notion of what Jesus would be like or dress like and they had him so gassed up appearance wise that when they finally saw him they walked right past him like, “No way is that the guy my ancestors have been talking about, where is the gold and silver, the angels, and the status?” I really think many of the people expected Jesus to be amongst the Pharisees because again they had status and were recognized as religiously important. Even the Pharisees didn’t believe Jesus was Jesus.

In Matthews 13:53-57, Jesus encounters this situation amongst his own people. Jesus came to his hometown to lead them to God, teaching in their synagogues and at first the people were amazed and in awe. Then they began asking questions about where he got his powers from, and isn’t he the son of a carpenter and isn’t his mother Mary, and doesn’t he have siblings and isn’t he one if us? Those believing that he was one of them, no better or no more special than them caused them to take offense at him. Jesus told them that only in his hometown is he a prophet without honor.

This is powerful here because Jesus has been to different towns and cities preaching the word of God and has endured some good moments and some bad, but when he came to his hometown, a place where he could have thought that he would be received more warmly, he was shunned. They shunned him because he was just like them.

I’ve seen how people can act when they see someone as nothing special, they outright ignore the person or treat them like nothing. It’s like how some people will wear jewelry all over them, driving around in their nice car appearing rich and high-end store clerks will rush to wait on them; meanwhile the person walking around in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and some simple shoes would be overlooked by the same clerks. For instance Nehemiah spoke to God wondering if he was listening and watching because the wicked were wealthy and prosperous, at that time wealth was viewed as favor with God. God had to check Nehemiah and tell him that looks were deceiving.

That is how the devil is able to get us without fail he knows that we are visual people, whether woman or man, and we respond to what our eyes see. So he is sure to appear before us in the form of a tempting man or a tempting woman or a person with money or status. I mean wasn’t he considered one of the most beautiful angels before he was cast down and isn’t this world obsessed with physical beauty above all else?

God knew exactly what he was doing when he made Jesus have humble beginnings because had he dolled Jesus up I’m sure the Pharisees would have tried to rub elbows with him and everyone would have flocked to him, but they would have been more focused on his appearance than his word. God makes it clear that he will not entertain us with grand details, but he will give us small details, some that we miss very often looking for some huge miraculous sign.

Notice how any man or woman that ever focused on the physical appeal of a person only, mostly end up being bitter and jaded because that person “used” them and so on? Well appearances are deceiving and God knows it that’s why we can never fool him the way we can fool others because he knows us inside and out.



  1. Well I’m thankful God looks at the heart and not the outward appearance. If you ever get a chance read the book “The Shack.”: There is a part in there that talks about the character in the book that’s supposed to be Jesus’s physical appearance it’s kind of appropos to this post. Anyway a good word. always need the word to feed our souls.

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