Where are the Pharisees and Sadducees Now?

I read a post by Brothawolf called The Hateful Savior and he states that he is agnostic although on the fence about whether or not God exists and he talked about how Christians have used the bible to justify the hatred they spew. He mentioned that if there was a God why he would allow the world to be in such a chaotic state. I hear this argument from many non-believers especially when they take the actions or words of a few “Christians” and apply it to the rest.

I am here to say that not all Christians are alike, just like not all Muslims are alike, so this joint effort to generalize needs to stop. Before Jesus came God called for people to beware of those that would claim to be Christian only to be green snakes in a green grass. When Jesus arrived he warned his disciples and other believers to beware of false teachers and teachings, the Pharisees and Sadducees. After Jesus, God continued to warn his people.

The Pharisees and Sadducees were haters as I said in the previous post but they were more than that. These were people that knew how to deceive people, while justifying it. Jesus knew them for who they were and dealt with them accordingly, confusing them on purpose, but he was serious when he warned his disciples about them.

In Matthew 16:5-12, Jesus talks to his disciples. The disciples forgot to bring bread with them, so when Jesus told them not to eat the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees, due to an encounter with them that was not pleasant, they thought he was talking about bread. Jesus probably was annoyed at this point seeing how he is talking about something serious and they are thinking of food; he is like have you forgotten the five loafs of bread that fed 5,000 people with leftover? No, I’m not talking to ya’ll about bread, why do you not understand that? Then he repeated in verse 11, “But be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees,” (NIV, Zondervan). Then they understood that he wasn’t talking about bread he was talking about the Pharisees and Sadducees teachings.

So where are the Pharisees and Sadducees now? They are still here and they never left, as time has changed so have their tactics, they take bits and pieces of the bible and distort it to believers just to cause problem or to appear as though they are righteous so they can cover their sins.

Is homosexuality a sin? Yes it is, the bible clearly states that, BUT the bible also states that lying is a sin, stealing is a sin, adultery is a sin, murdering is a sin and so on. God also stated that no sin is above the other, they are all equal. Guess what I am a sinner; therefore, I try not to cast stones, that I wouldn’t want thrown at me, on others. Anyone that tells you that they haven’t sinned is sinning because they are lying.

Anyone that condemns homosexuals to hellfire will have God to answer to, plain and simple, for their own sins. People who act these ways are Pharisees and Sadducees.

During slavery you had white people using parts of the Bible to justify their reason for treating humans inhumanely. Guess what they were? Pharisees and Sadducees. Why were slave owners able to justify their sinful actions? Mostly because the people they enslaved could not read. Slave owners were very insistent on not allowing the humans they enslaved to read, why? Because if they could read the Bible for themselves then they could see that the slave owners were liars and misusing the Bible and God’s words.

Pharisees and Sadducees are everywhere; they can be teachers, bishops, deacons, pastors, judges, police, politicians, government officials, men, women, straight or gay, and so on. How many scandals of pastors and priests, Catholic Church, molesting children and raping children are hidden and kept on the hush on purpose? A lot.

This is why God calls for us to read his word for ourselves. That’s why he calls for us to have a personal relationship with him above everything because he knows there are people deliberately distorting his word to lead his people astray. Let’s be real didn’t the devil know the Bible when he was tempting Jesus after his fast for 40 days and 40 nights? Anyone can quote scripture and tell you the history behind it and so on that is why knowing your word is not enough.

Hence why discernment is important. Too many people, place people with titles in churches on pedestals because and allow these people to lead them astray. Anyone who comes in God’s name will not allow you to worship them in anyway shape or form they will constantly tell you to worship God. I don’t care what title anyone holds in a church, if my spirit don’t vibe with you then it doesn’t and I won’t place anyone on any pedestal because strip away their title and they are sinners just like the rest of us.

In Matthew 15: 1-16, Jesus not only goes in on the Pharisees and Sadducees, but he explains that what goes in a person’s mouth does not make them unclean, but what comes out of a person’s mouth that makes him unclean. I’m not attacking anyone but I am tired of people letting other people speak for God, his words, and his people.

The last main argument I have is about why God allows this world to be as it is. God did not want the world to be how it is but when you have wicked human beings and demonic spirits running around you definitely don’t get paradise. Even if God did clean up our mess, who’s to say we would stop being wicked. Understand that the heart is wicked; the Bible mentions this too many times for it to just be a fluke. In order for the world not to be like this God would have to change people’s hearts but we have this funny thing called free will that people like to overlook when everything is bad and apply when things are great.

I say all this to say, if someone is saying things and do not have scripture to back it up, meaning you need to look and find for yourself that what they are saying is exactly what God has written, then you need to be very careful about listening to that person. If you are a non-believer and don’t care to read the bible then continue to do you, it’s sad but you have free will.

Again I am not coming for anyone but this mindset bothers me.



  1. I love Brotha Wolf’s blog but that post was very upsetting to me. I know alot of socalled born again christians, Can be very hateful when witnessing to unbelievers. All I could say in the comments was “God is love.” I did’nt know what else to say. But God is love. I just pray for God to open the eyes of many believers.

  2. I pray for our communty (African Americans) we seem to be plagued with many things that keep us from flourishing and prospering. Whether it be the skin color or hair texture issues. Satan lies to people to get them to believe there is no devil and no God. He is the father of lies. I pray for brotha wolf. I pray for my own soul’s salvation daily. I too am a sinner. But it is by God’s grace I am still here. It is through him I move and live and have my being. Let’s just pray for our blogger friend. Peace and Blessings.

    • Amen, Amen, and Amen! to all your posts. I have no problem with Brothawolfs post because he is just speaking from his experiences and I cannot discount it. However, I can say that there are Christians that are not like the others around. But just like how the media plays a lot of negativity so will people do the same to the bad apples. I have dealt with hypocritical christians saying one thing and doing another, but I thank God that their actions never turned me away or made me feel any kind of way about him. When Brothawolfs experiences change then maybe what he thinks will change but I’m glad he wrote that posts because what he said is felt by many who have seen a lot of crazyness with people who hide behind their religion while shaming everyone else. Be blessed 🙂

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