Why? Just why?

I read this post “white male assaults Black Woman” on Brothawolf’s blog and all I could do was shake my head. In Louisiana an older white male, 51, Josh Jambon spat on, verbally assaulted, and physically assaulted 29-year-old Brandi Worley while she was doing her job. He called her racial slurs and physically put his hands on her. There is video evidence of this monster attacking an innocent person. However, not one of the males around stopped him or came to Worley’s aid, not one.

Now when they went down to the police station, Jambon got out before the ink on Worley’s statement was dry, say what now?

This is the situation at hand: an old white man physically assaulted a young black woman and called her racial slurs and gender slurs and he is out on bail. Lord why?

Now had this situation been an older black gentleman and a young white woman, this would be making national headlines.

The idiot Jambon tried to “apologize” saying that his brother had cancer and that he owned a job and majority of his employees are black and blah, blah, blah.

Jambon I don’t give a hoot what “personal” problems you are going through, it does not give you the right to put your hands on anyone and curse them. This man is a racist plain and simple and anyone trying to defend him is one as well.

Like I said I don’t care what you are going through you have no right to go out here and think you are entitled to take it out on others. Plus what does all that have to do with being racist?

I had a problem with a racist ass white professor, but I didn’t go out smacking white people around and calling them slurs, so he does not get a pass.

As for those so-called “men” that were around and watched Worley get assaulted and called out her name without stepping in, I really hope you remember this day and I really hope that you don’t have children, especially daughters because they should not have to pay for you being a spineless individual.

This situation pisses me off because I cannot imagine simply doing my job and getting assaulted because a person didn’t have good home training. If anything Jambon is lucky Worley didn’t beat the living nonsense out of him, if she had she would have probably been taken to jail.

That ancient man better hopes and prays because karma will be coming for him. Having a so-called bad day or whatever does not give you the right to call people racial slurs!

I’m not generalizing but between the white Olympic lady, this idiot, and the white model from South Africa, a good majority of whites seem not to understand that racism is not the first thing you spew out your mouth unless you are racist!

The state of Louisiana I know your history and I know that you still have a lot of backward ways, not the people but the way the state is operated, but you better find a way to make this right by throwing that old declaration of independence baby in jail!

Thankfully Worley did not accept Jambon’s apology and nor should she, he attacked her and called her out her name. See this is how I know reading God’s word helps because I am not asking for this man to be beat near death or for him to be put on death row.

When a black woman is assaulted it is a call for national attention, it’s not the time for “Well, what did she do?” “What did she say?” “How was she dressed?” It is a call for “Put that mofo in jail and let him rot!” I take it personal and serious when any woman is assaulted, but it hits home when it’s an African woman and a Black woman because there will be people who will look away or try to excuse it. We are not anyone’s punching bag, spit target, or walking racism we are women.

So anyone that gets a bright idea to try what Jambon did to anyone don’t be surprised when we get all up in your stuff. I’m done.





What’s Your Problem?

I think that we all have wanted to ask this question to someone: friend, family, significant other, co-worker, classmate, professor, and more.

Have you ever had someone not like you and do everything in their power to ruin you? Did they verbally insult you? Try to ruin your reputation? Go behind your back to mess with your work? Maybe they even tried to physically harm you?

Well Jesus had this very problem in Matthew 22: 15-22. Throughout Matthew we know that the teachers of the law came for Jesus and they came hard. They would ask him questions to trap him; they would claim that his works were from the devil, they tried to find ways to arrest him, and more. They did all of this because of their jealousy and the fact that he was calling them out.

Jesus has told them off on many occasions, but even before then they were on him like white on rice, why? They knew that they were not worthy of their title and position, so when they saw Jesus performing more miracles than they ever could and he was not a deviant like them they became angry. I think they became angry because Jesus very presence made them aware of their spiritual inadequacy that no one but them and God knew, at the time.

In verse 15, the Pharisees are at it again, to trap Jesus, so they send their disciples to him to ask him about paying taxes to Caesar. The disciples start out buttering Jesus up then strike with their question. However, Jesus knew their evil intent and said to them, “You hypocrites, why are you trying to trap me?” (Teen Study Bible).

When I first read this passage I was drawn to it, but I couldn’t figure out why. I found myself trying to explain it to myself and the only note I could write was ‘Jesus called them out.’ This passage is important because it shows that even Jesus was annoyed with these people. Jesus knew why they were doing what they were doing and even he was fed up with it.

His question in our modern-day setting is “what is your problem?” This question shows an attempt to understand where a person is coming from even when we are beyond fed up with them. The only difference is Jesus knew what his enemy was doing, we are not always as fortunate.

However, Jesus still answered their question and set them straight despite is annoyance with them. We will always find ourselves questioning the problem of others with us, but we should not wait for a reason as to why nor should we dwell on why.

God makes all things possible and we must give to him what is his. When you find yourself up against people who have a problem with you, immediately give them over to God. When you continue to read Matthew 22 you will find that eventually Jesus shut these people down so much that they never dared to ask him a question again. Yes, Jesus is likes that.

There was a time I dealt with a person that had a position of power over me and abused it just to do so. He seemed to have been gunning for me the first day he met me but I didn’t know. Well later on God revealed to me that he did in fact have a problem with me and was using his authority as a professor to hinder my plans. Well God is so good that everything worked out for his glory. I wanted to ask the professor in a very unkind way what his problem was but didn’t need to do so. He would do little things to annoy me but he got no reaction because I had already given the situation to God. No longer was I fighting but God, and no one can win against God. I passed that class with an “A” and never looked back, but the grade was the least important; I had learned for the first time how to not lean on my own understanding or my perceived power, but to always acknowledge God in everything and trust his word, Proverbs 3:5,6.

The funny thing is the professor was an atheist yet God used him to bring me closer to him. So next time that person makes you want to ask them what their problem is, remember that only God knows their problem and only he can deal with them, you just focus on him and trust him.

Have a blessed day 🙂

The Box

A lot of us have a box, insecurities, fear, doubt, and comfort zone, what others say, think and etc., around us that we don’t even recognize. The box is created by us due to our own fears, society’s message, family words, and so on, to keep us in a cage. For example, if you have ever been to the circus and seen the hosts riding these elephants and giving them directions, you have seen a box. I always wondered why the elephants never rebelled and run for freedom, but it wasn’t until later that I understood.

When the elephants are young the trainers or whoever tie a rope around its feet to prevent the elephant from escaping. The young elephant will try many times to escape only to encounter that glass ceiling, the restraints; until it gives up. Then as the elephant grows and becomes bigger, it rarely rebels because in its mind the rope is still on its foot, keeping it from freedom.

We humans are the same way, especially mentally. When we receive resistance or so on we back down or accept the path most taken, the box.

For African’s and their offspring around the world we have different boxes that are suffocating us without us even knowing it. Young men should be whores because that’s manhood, young women should accept cheating because every man cheats, gay people are going to hell and don’t deserve God’s love, more Black men are in jail than college, light-skin is beauty, dark-skin is ugly, be a football player, a rapper, a video vixen, a prostitute, and so on.

We have a lot of messages keeping us in one place in one spot and that is not how it is supposed to be, that is not how God has intended it to be. If you read the Bible you can see that God would use people no one expected, he would use the smallest person, the wicked person, the most annoying and so on to achieve his purpose. No one thought David could beat Goliath, but he did. Now had he listened to the nay sayers around him and let them put him in a box he would not have done God’s will.

A person mentioned on a website that some white get very upset when they see Black people doing things that they don’t think they should do. Although this statement has some truth to it, take out the racial aspect and it’s still true. Some people will give you the most grieve when they see you not following the crowd or their direction. Not only do they not think that you should be doing it, but they are afraid that you may succeed.

Anytime someone is doing good and receiving blessings, there are always a few people or one person trying to rain on that person’s parade, to throw them back into the box that they are coming out of. Fear is real and there are times it can be crippling but it can be overcome.

I have a lot of fears, sometimes they weigh me down, but it’s nothing like when I overcome them. When I overcome them it’s like one more fear has been scratched off my list.

Whatever fears, insecurities, doubt, uncertainty boxing you now is the time to end it. Now is the time to ask your father in heaven to help you overcome them. The box doesn’t just keep you trapped it also blocks your blessings.

Specifically for my African-American’s society can only give suggestions, they can only lie, and they can only make that lie appealing, but you do not have to believe them or entertain them. Just like the devil and his minions can only tempt you but not make you fall for the temptation.

Do something outside of your comfort zone, do something wild and crazy that you wouldn’t normally do, that won’t hurt others or yourself, land you in jail, or have you exiled from your country. This message is more for me than it is my readers, but we all have a box and we all need help and a reminder to get out of that box.

P.S. when encountering a Glass ceiling, break it to pieces. Peace and blessings to you all.

Appearances II

Appearances can always get us into trouble. Instead of focusing on how others appear to us, this post will focus on how we obsess over how we want to appear to others. At some point in time we have all wanted to be the center of attention, the perfect person, the one with the cool friends, the one with the wealthy money, amazing fashions, and trend setter and so on. These wants deal with wanting people to feel and believe we are those very things when it’s further from the truth.

For example, the so-called “uncool” kids would want to be friends with the “cool” and “popular” kids so that everyone else would treat them like the treated the “cool” and “popular” kids. Either acknowledge them or want to be friends with them. There is a model called the Johari Window and it deals with the four windows of ourselves and how we communicate with others; it’s supposed to better help people understand themselves. There is a window called the Open window, known by another name but I don’t remember at this time, and it deals with what we know about ourselves that others know too. This can be our race, eye color, gender and so on. However, what about intrapersonal desires? How would another person know those?

They can’t hence why appearance is important in physically manifesting, sometimes, what we crave or want from others. The thing about this is that we can play that game for a long time and not many people would know, but God has a relationship with us that surpass any physical deceit. He knows when we are lying to ourselves and others.

In Matthew 6:4, Jesus tells his disciples that it is important to do righteous acts not in front of others because there is no reward for it. He even starts out saying, “Be careful.” This be careful speaks volume because it implies that they must be on their guard at all times because pride is subtle, so subtle that you can end up doing a righteous deed in front of others just for the acknowledgement without really knowing it. He goes on to talk about those that boast about their deeds and how they have received their reward from man (the pat on the back, the applause, the “You’re such a good person,” and the praise) but have not received their reward from God (blessings and all things good).

Matthew 6:16-18. Jesus talks about fasting and this passage I laughed when I read it because my sis would always talk about this passage and have me rolling with her modern-day interpretation. Jesus says that fasting should be a private affair between you and God; in fact no one should even know you are fasting. Why should no one know you are fasting? Because you shouldn’t look any different from how you normally look when you aren’t fasting.

Let’s say James is a man who always comes to work in great looking suits, hair is done, outfit pressed, everything on point, not a hair out-of-place. Then one day he comes into work looking like a beggar on the street, he is wearing some clothes that looked like a dog had chewed on it, his hair is dry, his lips look like baby powder, and his shoes look like they have been through the wire. You ask him concerned, “What happened to you? Are you okay?” And his response is, “I’m fasting.”


Just cause you are fasting does not mean you have to look like you been to the Sahara desert and back, God is not amused. Plus as a Christian that’s just wrong, Jesus was tempted for 40 days and 40 nights, he fasted for those 40 days and 40 nights and not once does the Bible mention him being in disarray. His lips were moist, his hair looked like it had been deep conditioned by the angels, and his outfit was straight.

Jesus again says that those who do their righteous deeds in front of people have already gotten an earthly reward, but not a Godly reward.

We have in us this desire to be accepted by our peers and that very desire can get us in trouble.

In Matthews 14: 1-12, we learn that John the Baptist is beheaded and why. Herod had beef with John, now I’m not sure cause when I read the passage I’m not too clear on what it is saying. A possible reason why Herod had beef with John is because he was sleeping with his brother’s wife, Herodias, and John the Baptist had told him that what he was doing was not right. Herod wanted to kill John but was afraid of the people because they considered John a prophet, so he had him arrested and thrown in prison.

On Herod’s birthday his niece, the daughter of Herodias, danced for him and danced so well that he is willing to give her anything she asked for, even if she asked for half of his kingdom. (What kind of dancing is that dang-on good?) The young woman coached by her mom asked for John the Baptists’ head on a platter. This young woman has asked for the head of one of God’s chosen ones and no one thinks that’s weird? Smh!

Herod, mind you he wanted to kill John himself but couldn’t because of the people, knows that he should not follow through with her request but to keep face in front of his guests, he goes through with her request. So innocent John is beheaded and killed.

Now right here is where my mind is blown, was Herod that press that he had to kill John? Yes, because he couldn’t lose face, what if those guests of his would think him soft that he couldn’t grant such a request? Or what if they begin to test his power? His own selfishness and facade of an appearance moved him to kill an innocent man who had never done anything to him but tell him the truth about his actions. Maybe he was upset that John saw past his outward appearance for the sinful and arrogant human he was, who knows.

For some you aren’t that hard up about appearances that you are willing to kill someone, but some people are. People commit crimes or die because they are trying to prove to others that they are on their level or better. Human praise is nothing because one minute they praise you and the next they curse you.

That is why we must focus on being who God calls us to be and focus on how we are with him. He doesn’t want your facade; he can see through it anyway, he just wants your heart.

I had to come to this realization when I was exhausting myself trying to appear to others how they wanted me to appear and neither one of those appearances was close to the real me, to the person God designed me to be. Next time we get an itch to play the appearance game, let’s remind ourselves who is there at night when we are behind closed doors and how much he loves us, be blessed.


For a long time I would say that children were the closest thing to perfection that God gives any parent. Is every parent deserving of these precious gifts, children, no and it’s unfortunate that there are those that abuse, hurt, and misuse such gifts.

Think back to when you were a child? Were there any spiritual gifts that you had, maybe discernment, music, encouragement? Do you still have them as an adult or have you learned to question them or silence them?

When we are children that is a time in which we are the most connected with God, the Holy Spirit, and the angels that guard and guide us. There are two living creatures on this earth that has a strong sense of discernment; kids and animals. There is a reason for that.

In Matthews 18: 1-14, Jesus explains to his disciples that children are the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven and why. He explains that unless people become like children then they can never receive the kingdom of God. This part is important and it made me pause. I asked myself, other than being dang near perfect, what special qualities do children have that would make them the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?

Then it hit me. I remember a poster on a website saying that children live in the moment. A child will not think of past hurts or future hurts they will focus on the present. A popular part of 2 Corinthians that a lot of people know verbatim speaks about what love truly is. It is a guideline that shows how love is supposed to be. The very same love described in 2 Corinthians is the very same love that children give.

I have hurt a kid before unintentionally. I was trying to tell the kid not to do something but rather than calmy explain, I blew up at them and the kids face crumbled and I knew I was wrong. When I apologized the kid just smiled at me and everything was the same, the kid didn’t treat me any different. Children do not keep a list of wrongs, they don’t boast, they are kind, and so on.

Compare that to how we are as adults once the world has shaped us. We are not as forgiving, we keep records of wrong doings, we boast when we are right, and we are not as kind.

In Matthews 18:1-14, Jesus clarifies how important they are.  He talks about the serious offense God takes when anyone hurts a child or causes them to sin. So if that is you, you know who you are, STOP!

Like my mom always say, “Never think that someone is too young to teach you something.” We can learn so much from children, we can learn how cold we are compared to their warmth, how detached we are compared to their vibrant affection and attachment.

That’s why, no matter what, we never fully grow up. We are still children, we are just bigger, colder, arrogant, and selfish, but we are still kids. We are kids that think we know it all, have felt it all, and have done it all, but none of that works when it comes to God.

Adults, who have been abused, in any form, are always searching for the absent affection to sooth the hurt from their childhood, the child in them is still there and is still seeking affection.

In Matthews 18: 10, Jesus even says not to look down on a child because their angels in heaven always see God’s face.

Personally I still have my child like ways, but when it comes to what is important I am not a child. Children are the closest thing we get to Gods love in human form, other than Jesus. Anytime you see a child not acting like a child than the person whose raising them is doing them a disservice.

I don’t mean a child as in cartoons and big bowls of cereal and so on, but as in the child’s spirit is not bright and clear, it’s not untouched by the troubles and problems of the world.

Our challenge is to get back in touch with our inner child and to learn from the little kids around us who can show us and teach us how. The troubles and problems of the world will always be in your backyard: job, school, relationships, economy, government, politicians, and more but never allow them in your house: your spirit, your mind, and your soul.