For a long time I would say that children were the closest thing to perfection that God gives any parent. Is every parent deserving of these precious gifts, children, no and it’s unfortunate that there are those that abuse, hurt, and misuse such gifts.

Think back to when you were a child? Were there any spiritual gifts that you had, maybe discernment, music, encouragement? Do you still have them as an adult or have you learned to question them or silence them?

When we are children that is a time in which we are the most connected with God, the Holy Spirit, and the angels that guard and guide us. There are two living creatures on this earth that has a strong sense of discernment; kids and animals. There is a reason for that.

In Matthews 18: 1-14, Jesus explains to his disciples that children are the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven and why. He explains that unless people become like children then they can never receive the kingdom of God. This part is important and it made me pause. I asked myself, other than being dang near perfect, what special qualities do children have that would make them the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?

Then it hit me. I remember a poster on a website saying that children live in the moment. A child will not think of past hurts or future hurts they will focus on the present. A popular part of 2 Corinthians that a lot of people know verbatim speaks about what love truly is. It is a guideline that shows how love is supposed to be. The very same love described in 2 Corinthians is the very same love that children give.

I have hurt a kid before unintentionally. I was trying to tell the kid not to do something but rather than calmy explain, I blew up at them and the kids face crumbled and I knew I was wrong. When I apologized the kid just smiled at me and everything was the same, the kid didn’t treat me any different. Children do not keep a list of wrongs, they don’t boast, they are kind, and so on.

Compare that to how we are as adults once the world has shaped us. We are not as forgiving, we keep records of wrong doings, we boast when we are right, and we are not as kind.

In Matthews 18:1-14, Jesus clarifies how important they are.  He talks about the serious offense God takes when anyone hurts a child or causes them to sin. So if that is you, you know who you are, STOP!

Like my mom always say, “Never think that someone is too young to teach you something.” We can learn so much from children, we can learn how cold we are compared to their warmth, how detached we are compared to their vibrant affection and attachment.

That’s why, no matter what, we never fully grow up. We are still children, we are just bigger, colder, arrogant, and selfish, but we are still kids. We are kids that think we know it all, have felt it all, and have done it all, but none of that works when it comes to God.

Adults, who have been abused, in any form, are always searching for the absent affection to sooth the hurt from their childhood, the child in them is still there and is still seeking affection.

In Matthews 18: 10, Jesus even says not to look down on a child because their angels in heaven always see God’s face.

Personally I still have my child like ways, but when it comes to what is important I am not a child. Children are the closest thing we get to Gods love in human form, other than Jesus. Anytime you see a child not acting like a child than the person whose raising them is doing them a disservice.

I don’t mean a child as in cartoons and big bowls of cereal and so on, but as in the child’s spirit is not bright and clear, it’s not untouched by the troubles and problems of the world.

Our challenge is to get back in touch with our inner child and to learn from the little kids around us who can show us and teach us how. The troubles and problems of the world will always be in your backyard: job, school, relationships, economy, government, politicians, and more but never allow them in your house: your spirit, your mind, and your soul.



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