The Box

A lot of us have a box, insecurities, fear, doubt, and comfort zone, what others say, think and etc., around us that we don’t even recognize. The box is created by us due to our own fears, society’s message, family words, and so on, to keep us in a cage. For example, if you have ever been to the circus and seen the hosts riding these elephants and giving them directions, you have seen a box. I always wondered why the elephants never rebelled and run for freedom, but it wasn’t until later that I understood.

When the elephants are young the trainers or whoever tie a rope around its feet to prevent the elephant from escaping. The young elephant will try many times to escape only to encounter that glass ceiling, the restraints; until it gives up. Then as the elephant grows and becomes bigger, it rarely rebels because in its mind the rope is still on its foot, keeping it from freedom.

We humans are the same way, especially mentally. When we receive resistance or so on we back down or accept the path most taken, the box.

For African’s and their offspring around the world we have different boxes that are suffocating us without us even knowing it. Young men should be whores because that’s manhood, young women should accept cheating because every man cheats, gay people are going to hell and don’t deserve God’s love, more Black men are in jail than college, light-skin is beauty, dark-skin is ugly, be a football player, a rapper, a video vixen, a prostitute, and so on.

We have a lot of messages keeping us in one place in one spot and that is not how it is supposed to be, that is not how God has intended it to be. If you read the Bible you can see that God would use people no one expected, he would use the smallest person, the wicked person, the most annoying and so on to achieve his purpose. No one thought David could beat Goliath, but he did. Now had he listened to the nay sayers around him and let them put him in a box he would not have done God’s will.

A person mentioned on a website that some white get very upset when they see Black people doing things that they don’t think they should do. Although this statement has some truth to it, take out the racial aspect and it’s still true. Some people will give you the most grieve when they see you not following the crowd or their direction. Not only do they not think that you should be doing it, but they are afraid that you may succeed.

Anytime someone is doing good and receiving blessings, there are always a few people or one person trying to rain on that person’s parade, to throw them back into the box that they are coming out of. Fear is real and there are times it can be crippling but it can be overcome.

I have a lot of fears, sometimes they weigh me down, but it’s nothing like when I overcome them. When I overcome them it’s like one more fear has been scratched off my list.

Whatever fears, insecurities, doubt, uncertainty boxing you now is the time to end it. Now is the time to ask your father in heaven to help you overcome them. The box doesn’t just keep you trapped it also blocks your blessings.

Specifically for my African-American’s society can only give suggestions, they can only lie, and they can only make that lie appealing, but you do not have to believe them or entertain them. Just like the devil and his minions can only tempt you but not make you fall for the temptation.

Do something outside of your comfort zone, do something wild and crazy that you wouldn’t normally do, that won’t hurt others or yourself, land you in jail, or have you exiled from your country. This message is more for me than it is my readers, but we all have a box and we all need help and a reminder to get out of that box.

P.S. when encountering a Glass ceiling, break it to pieces. Peace and blessings to you all.



  1. my prayer is that I break free of the spirit of fear,And have he life that Jesus died for me to have. I must remember God did not give me a spirit of fear but one of love and power and a sound mind. I would truly like to live that in Jesus name.

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