Why? Just why?

I read this post “white male assaults Black Woman” on Brothawolf’s blog and all I could do was shake my head. In Louisiana an older white male, 51, Josh Jambon spat on, verbally assaulted, and physically assaulted 29-year-old Brandi Worley while she was doing her job. He called her racial slurs and physically put his hands on her. There is video evidence of this monster attacking an innocent person. However, not one of the males around stopped him or came to Worley’s aid, not one.

Now when they went down to the police station, Jambon got out before the ink on Worley’s statement was dry, say what now?

This is the situation at hand: an old white man physically assaulted a young black woman and called her racial slurs and gender slurs and he is out on bail. Lord why?

Now had this situation been an older black gentleman and a young white woman, this would be making national headlines.

The idiot Jambon tried to “apologize” saying that his brother had cancer and that he owned a job and majority of his employees are black and blah, blah, blah.

Jambon I don’t give a hoot what “personal” problems you are going through, it does not give you the right to put your hands on anyone and curse them. This man is a racist plain and simple and anyone trying to defend him is one as well.

Like I said I don’t care what you are going through you have no right to go out here and think you are entitled to take it out on others. Plus what does all that have to do with being racist?

I had a problem with a racist ass white professor, but I didn’t go out smacking white people around and calling them slurs, so he does not get a pass.

As for those so-called “men” that were around and watched Worley get assaulted and called out her name without stepping in, I really hope you remember this day and I really hope that you don’t have children, especially daughters because they should not have to pay for you being a spineless individual.

This situation pisses me off because I cannot imagine simply doing my job and getting assaulted because a person didn’t have good home training. If anything Jambon is lucky Worley didn’t beat the living nonsense out of him, if she had she would have probably been taken to jail.

That ancient man better hopes and prays because karma will be coming for him. Having a so-called bad day or whatever does not give you the right to call people racial slurs!

I’m not generalizing but between the white Olympic lady, this idiot, and the white model from South Africa, a good majority of whites seem not to understand that racism is not the first thing you spew out your mouth unless you are racist!

The state of Louisiana I know your history and I know that you still have a lot of backward ways, not the people but the way the state is operated, but you better find a way to make this right by throwing that old declaration of independence baby in jail!

Thankfully Worley did not accept Jambon’s apology and nor should she, he attacked her and called her out her name. See this is how I know reading God’s word helps because I am not asking for this man to be beat near death or for him to be put on death row.

When a black woman is assaulted it is a call for national attention, it’s not the time for “Well, what did she do?” “What did she say?” “How was she dressed?” It is a call for “Put that mofo in jail and let him rot!” I take it personal and serious when any woman is assaulted, but it hits home when it’s an African woman and a Black woman because there will be people who will look away or try to excuse it. We are not anyone’s punching bag, spit target, or walking racism we are women.

So anyone that gets a bright idea to try what Jambon did to anyone don’t be surprised when we get all up in your stuff. I’m done.






  1. It’s 2012 not 1920 and they still want to be in that jacked up mindset. When people say we are living in a post racial society, I start laughing because that is such a joke. God help all of us. We have a long way to go. I tell you sister when I read Brotha Wolf’s blog about this situation I was hot as fish grease. Spitting on a young woman,He has got to be the lowest piece of human body waste ever. That’s duisgusting. And his apology, He could have just kept that, He was not sorry. He is a racist pure and simple.

  2. Sister that blog post got your blogpost got your blood boiling.My thoughts on racism is this demonic spirit will only be eradicated when Jesus returns and cleans everything up. Until then we have to perservere. Stay fasted up and prayed up. The enemy is busy.

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