My Take on the Presidential Debate

I watched a few of the debates between President Obama and governor Romney and I wanted to give my own commentary and questions:

1) Why is Romney being called president? I don’t know if anyone else noticed this intentional slip of tongue, but what the heck? Even the little one knows that Romney isn’t president so what’s going on? Romney is a governor, an underground bunker money having governor, but he is not president. Calling him president is insulting to President Obama who is in presidency get it? Since we can’t have two presidents let’s stop deluding people and children.

2) Why is Israel an ally to America again? I laugh when people become so concerned with Israel and put it in the category of being victims by Muslims that hate Christianity. Last time I check those same Jews were over there treating my people like crap. They called them slurs and were holding racist protest about getting out of Tel Aviv and deporting them home. In fact, there is video evidence of Jews saying that Africans bring disease and poverty to their country and that they must protect the Jewish identity by putting them in concentration camps. Excuse me while I question their importance to America.

I don’t believe anyone is trying to attack Israel; most likely Israel is the one doing all the attacking. American taxpayer dollars go to Israel, why? What has Israel done besides terrorized people around the globe while getting backing from the American government? I’m starting to wonder who the pimp is and who the hoe is when it comes to American’s relationship with Israel.

Point blank I don’t like people that disrespect my people. I don’t even like America like that. I have nothing against people of Israel that are not racist or hiding behind anti-Semitism to continue their racist ideology. However, I am not happy with money that could be used to save lives being spent on people that would rather take lives.

Everyone is looking at Iran like its evil and its some ticking time bomb. All I want to know is what exactly did Israel and America do to piss Iran off. Iran was chilling and minding its business but all of a sudden its public enemy number one, why?

Then Sudan has said that Israel has attacked them, but no one believes them, why? What if Israel did attack them for being allies with Iran, why not check Israel?

3) Ann Romney I want to say that I’m glad that you overcame your MS. Next, I want to tell you that the way you have been under fire is nothing compared to the way the First lady has been under fire, so sit down now.

4) In the last debate I believe, I liked that I got to see President Obama put Romney in his place. Despite the fact Romney has been combative and aggressive throughout the whole debate; President Obama is called out, why? Some blond white lady said that President Obama was “aggressive” and “vicious” and I wondered if we watched the same debate. He was in control of himself the whole time and was relaxed, even when you could tell he wanted to school Romney like the Commander-in-chief he is he didn’t. Yet, the media still tried their hand at the “angry black man” meme.

5) Again why is Israel important? I don’t see their behinds jumping to help America or return the money their receiving.

6) Michelle Obama is just so beautiful and so powerful; she makes me want to vote for her. Honestly, I want her to run she is amazing. Her speech alone was the greatest thing ever and yet Rethuglicans still wanted to throw salt her way, smh. I really enjoyed hearing about her and President Obama first date.

7) The moderators or whoever they are for the election seriously needs to be picked better. I like the lady she was fine and she did not let Romney walk all over her. However, the guy moderator in the first debate was all types of trash. The guy might as well have been a Republican with how much of a pushover he was. I like moderators to be like referees, good ones not the ones that make horrible calls. I like them to make me believe they actually care that they are in the debate, and that guy gave me none of it.

8) For the people focused on the woman moderator’s body, go sit down and drink bleach. Since when does your weight determine your ability to do a job? I bet half of the people talking really need to close their mouth. Guess what males, women do not need your approval when it comes to doing their job and they definitely don’t need you drooling over them.

9) The fact that more people focused on the woman’s weight rather than the debate shows how many idiots maybe registered to vote, Iran laughs.

10) Romney you got way ahead of yourself. You let that supposed first debate knockout inflate your head and President Obama took you to the chopping block more than once.

11) Again how is it Romney won the first debate when all facts were lies? If this is not a reason for people around the world to run from American education, then I don’t know what is.

12) Why China keeps coming up in these debates and commercials baffle me. If I owe someone billions of dollars, I wouldn’t be so quick to diss them on national television, when they can take back the money at any time. I don’t know if China is laughing at us or counting their yen, maybe both.

13) Since I heard that Biden took Ryan to the school of hard knock life, I’ll just believe it. Ryan I want you to go home and watch the movie RED because Biden was Bruce Willis and you were the other guy.

14) Debates are all full of bs, the debaters know it, the moderators know it, and so do the whole world, but it’s about who can bs better. Happy voting.


Ending Destination= Blessing(s)

When the Hebrews were freed from the oppression of Pharaoh we know that their destination was the promise land. However, what was supposed to be an eleven day walk turned into a 40 year walk. God could easily have taken their blessing, the promise land, away, but instead he kept their blessing in place. It just took them a longer time to get to their blessing.

I apply this to our life, what God has in store for us, and what we do to our lives.

God wants to bless us, he has blessings for us waiting in the wings, and he wants us to receive those blessings. However, our actions delay our blessings most of the time. We either sin, try to do something out of our own limited power, or allow our fears to paralyze us.

The great thing about God is that he still keeps our blessings for us, but due to free will we take the long way to get them.

Have you ever known someone to take the long way of doing something when there are shortcuts?

Say you and a friend are driving to a restaurant; they are using GPS to get them there when you know a way that would cut the time in 10 minutes. At the end of the day you and that friend will get to the restaurant, your ending destination; however, it will take you guys longer to get there.

The longer it takes us to get to our blessings is time used to properly prepare us to receive our blessing. One thing I have noticed is that when a blessing is within my grasp and very close that’s when temptation is kicking me at all sides winning every time.

I don’t know what blessing or blessings I have postponed due to sin, fear, and being a know-it-all. Although I get impatient, I am glad for the long route because I always want to be able to properly receive a blessing than to get it and take it for granted.

The Hebrews that entered the promise land (the great great great grandchildren of the disobedient older generation) knew exactly how important the land was and was grateful to receive it; they were properly prepared to receive it.

So let’s think about the way we postpone our blessings from God, but also rejoice in the fact that God holds our blessings for us. Have a blessed day.

Missing: Phylicia Robinson


Phylicia Robinson said she just wanted to get some sleep before her night shift at a Norfolk Wal-Mart when she left her mother’s home Wednesday. But Norfolk police and Robinson’s friends are now desperately searching for the Virginia woman who hasn’t been seen since.

“It has to be the hardest days I’ve ever been through, this is like my sister and I can’t find her,” Robinson’s friend, Shatika Kelley told ABC News.

When Robinson’s family went searching for her Thursday, they found nothing suspicious in her apartment, but her cell phone, keys and wallet were on her bed and her SUV was still in the driveway. There was no blood or any sign of Robinson at all in the apartment. Friends said her disappearance is highly unusual.

“She would never not come home to take her son to school, she would never not call him,” Kelley said. “This is unlike her. Like I literally talk to her every day.”

“She has no keys, no car, no id, no money no credit card, nothing, everything is at home,” Robinson’s friend, Carrie Simmons, told ABC News.

The fact that Robinson disappeared without any of her belongings could mean two things, former FBI profiler and ABC News consultant Brad Garrett said.

“Either she was not coming back and she wanted to harm herself possibly, or somebody either forced her to leave the apartment without her personal effects or they lured her out of the apartment,” he said.

Norfolk police did not immediately return ABC News’ call for comment on the case.

Friends describe Robinson, 26, as a devoted mother who would never go hours without seeing her 5-year-old son. Her sister, Sharniqua Scott, told ABC affiliate WVEC-TV she doesn’t have a history of mental illness or any physical ailments.

“We just need her to come home to my godson, I need her to come back home,” Simmons, told ABC News. Simmons and Robinson went to lunch Wednesday and she was the last to see her dear friend.

Robinson’s friends and family are trying to spread Robinson’s picture and aren’t giving up hope about finding her.

She is described as 5’4,” 125 pounds and has a tattoo of a bow and arrow on her chest.

“All we want is for her to come home,” Kelley said.

Phylicia Robinson: Friends Desperately Search For Missing Virginia Woman – ABC News

She is from Virginia and she is missing. Please lets send prayers to her family, son, and her so that she may be found safe and sound. Please forward this to people that you may know in the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area. Please lets get the word out and force the Norfolk police to get involved.

Betrayal & Loneliness

If you have ever been betrayed then you know how much it stings; not physically but emotionally. You feel bare, exposed, and alone. Betrayal seems to be the most common reason for people with trust issues, that feeling of being at someone’s mercy or vulnerability is not welcomed.

We all know that Judas betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. However, Judas wasn’t the only person that betrayed Jesus; the other eleven disciples betrayed him too.

Throughout Matthew you could come to the conclusion that Jesus and Peter were homies, most likely best friends. Peter got to see Jesus talk to God, transfiguration; he walked to Jesus on water, received the keys of the kingdom of heaven from Jesus, and broke bread with him. In fact, in Matthew Peter is the most mentioned disciple, so he must have been important to Jesus.

So this guy Peter, who has been with Jesus for all these amazing moments and pledged his alliance and loyalty to Jesus, denied Jesus three times, “I don’t know that man!” Jesus even told Peter that he would deny him and Peter was like never Jesus it’s me and you to the end.

Now the other 10 who witnessed everything scattered like roaches, when the lights come on, when the people came to arrest Jesus for no reason.

I mean these disciples saw Jesus heal people, drive out demons, they drove out demons in Jesus’ name, feed thousands of people with five loaves of bread and two fish. These people saw something that I wish I could see and in the end they deserted Jesus.

Now I won’t try to blame the disciples because I understand why they abandoned Jesus, they were terrified and we all have been terrified in our lives and end up doing the very opposite of what we say we would do.

Imagine how hurt and alone Jesus must have felt. When the people who were supposed to be his crew disappeared, the people he healed insulted him, and he was mocked, assaulted, and ridiculed without anyone to come to his aid.

I can’t speak for Jesus but since he was human and in the flesh, I’m sure that a part of him probably wanted someone to be there. Yes, he knew what he signed up for but at the end of the day he had feelings and I’m sure he was hurt and scared.

In Matthew 26: 38 before Jesus was arrested, he asked to his disciples to stand guard while he went to pray. “Stay here and keep watch with me” (Teen Study Bible). This is the first time Jesus ever asked his disciples something personal, he didn’t say for me he said with me, which makes all the difference.

These disciples were tired and kept going to sleep to the point Jesus was getting annoyed with them. He went to pray three times to God and the first time he prayed he asked God to deliver him, but let his will be done. Jesus was scared point-blank.

I think that Jesus felt alone the whole time he was on earth because he had such a heavy burden on his shoulders that no one else could understand.

Jesus dealt with people lying on him and being put to death for no reason other than he was an innocent and blameless person. Matthew 27: 46 always pulls at my heart because I could not imagine how he must have felt. In this verse he asks God why he has forsaken him. That question just opens the flood gates. I have felt alone before and scared and in that moment all I could focus on were the stares, the whispers and so on.

Just know that as a Christian you will have people betray you and you will feel lonely, but Jesus is with you every step of the way. He knows what it feels like and he does not want you to feel that way. So next time we feel like we are on a big stage alone let’s remember that Jesus knows what it’s like and he’s right there.

Matthew 28:20 “And surely I am with you to the very end of the age” (Teen Study Bible).