Missing: Phylicia Robinson


Phylicia Robinson said she just wanted to get some sleep before her night shift at a Norfolk Wal-Mart when she left her mother’s home Wednesday. But Norfolk police and Robinson’s friends are now desperately searching for the Virginia woman who hasn’t been seen since.

“It has to be the hardest days I’ve ever been through, this is like my sister and I can’t find her,” Robinson’s friend, Shatika Kelley told ABC News.

When Robinson’s family went searching for her Thursday, they found nothing suspicious in her apartment, but her cell phone, keys and wallet were on her bed and her SUV was still in the driveway. There was no blood or any sign of Robinson at all in the apartment. Friends said her disappearance is highly unusual.

“She would never not come home to take her son to school, she would never not call him,” Kelley said. “This is unlike her. Like I literally talk to her every day.”

“She has no keys, no car, no id, no money no credit card, nothing, everything is at home,” Robinson’s friend, Carrie Simmons, told ABC News.

The fact that Robinson disappeared without any of her belongings could mean two things, former FBI profiler and ABC News consultant Brad Garrett said.

“Either she was not coming back and she wanted to harm herself possibly, or somebody either forced her to leave the apartment without her personal effects or they lured her out of the apartment,” he said.

Norfolk police did not immediately return ABC News’ call for comment on the case.

Friends describe Robinson, 26, as a devoted mother who would never go hours without seeing her 5-year-old son. Her sister, Sharniqua Scott, told ABC affiliate WVEC-TV she doesn’t have a history of mental illness or any physical ailments.

“We just need her to come home to my godson, I need her to come back home,” Simmons, told ABC News. Simmons and Robinson went to lunch Wednesday and she was the last to see her dear friend.

Robinson’s friends and family are trying to spread Robinson’s picture and aren’t giving up hope about finding her.

She is described as 5’4,” 125 pounds and has a tattoo of a bow and arrow on her chest.

“All we want is for her to come home,” Kelley said.

Phylicia Robinson: Friends Desperately Search For Missing Virginia Woman – ABC News

She is from Virginia and she is missing. Please lets send prayers to her family, son, and her so that she may be found safe and sound. Please forward this to people that you may know in the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area. Please lets get the word out and force the Norfolk police to get involved.



  1. Thank you for doing your part and spreading word about this beautiful black sister. I live in the DMV and frequently watch the news but have not seen/heard anything about this missing woman. I will pray and do my part by forwarding the message.I hope this story has a happy ending.

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