Ending Destination= Blessing(s)

When the Hebrews were freed from the oppression of Pharaoh we know that their destination was the promise land. However, what was supposed to be an eleven day walk turned into a 40 year walk. God could easily have taken their blessing, the promise land, away, but instead he kept their blessing in place. It just took them a longer time to get to their blessing.

I apply this to our life, what God has in store for us, and what we do to our lives.

God wants to bless us, he has blessings for us waiting in the wings, and he wants us to receive those blessings. However, our actions delay our blessings most of the time. We either sin, try to do something out of our own limited power, or allow our fears to paralyze us.

The great thing about God is that he still keeps our blessings for us, but due to free will we take the long way to get them.

Have you ever known someone to take the long way of doing something when there are shortcuts?

Say you and a friend are driving to a restaurant; they are using GPS to get them there when you know a way that would cut the time in 10 minutes. At the end of the day you and that friend will get to the restaurant, your ending destination; however, it will take you guys longer to get there.

The longer it takes us to get to our blessings is time used to properly prepare us to receive our blessing. One thing I have noticed is that when a blessing is within my grasp and very close that’s when temptation is kicking me at all sides winning every time.

I don’t know what blessing or blessings I have postponed due to sin, fear, and being a know-it-all. Although I get impatient, I am glad for the long route because I always want to be able to properly receive a blessing than to get it and take it for granted.

The Hebrews that entered the promise land (the great great great grandchildren of the disobedient older generation) knew exactly how important the land was and was grateful to receive it; they were properly prepared to receive it.

So let’s think about the way we postpone our blessings from God, but also rejoice in the fact that God holds our blessings for us. Have a blessed day.



  1. What was supposed to be a 40 day trip turned into a 40 years trip. Let us always remember murmering and complaining, Blocks the flow of our blessing. This a good post. welcome back. I have missed you. Pray for our sister blogger Truth Be Told, She is needing some rest and mental clarity. I know you are a strong woman of God so together we can lift up all our friends in the black blogosphere. Peace and Light.

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