The future continues to look brighter! 🙂 Go Doe!


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15-Year-Old Kelvin Doe is an engineering whiz living in Sierra Leone who scours the trash bins for spare parts, which he uses to build batteries, generators and transmitters. Completely self-taught, Kelvin has created his own radio station where he broadcasts news and plays music under the moniker, DJ Focus.

Kelvin became the youngest person in history to be invited to the “Visiting Practitioner’s Program” at MIT. THNKR had exclusive access to Kelvin and his life-changing journey – experiencing the US for the first time, exploring incredible opportunities, contending with homesickness, and mapping out his future.  

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Missing: Dylan Redwine

By NBC News staff

Authorities are searching for a 13-year-old boy who disappeared from his father’s home during a court-ordered visitation over Thanksgiving in southwestern Colorado.

Dylan Redwine was reported missing Monday by his father, Mark, who said he left the house in Vallecito, La Plata County about 7:30 a.m. and returned a few hours later to find his son gone, NBC station KUSA of Denver reported on its website.

Dan Bender, La Plata County Sheriff’s Department spokesman, said authorities had “few clues to work from. We have to consider everything from foul play to a runaway.”

A person reported seeing Dylan walking along a county road in Vallecito, about 20 miles northeast of Durango, on Monday afternoon before it was known he was missing, KUSA reported.

He was described as 5 feet tall, 105 pounds, blond hair, blue eyes with a fair complexion. He was last seen wearing a blue and white Duke Blue Devils baseball cap, a black Nike T-shirt, black basketball shorts, black Jordan tennis shoes and a black backpack.

Dylan, his mother and his brother had moved to Colorado Springs this summer, KUSA reported. Dylan had gone to his father’s house Dec. 18 on the court-ordered visit.

“Dylan’s entire family and many friends are clearly heartbroken over his disappearance and are very passionately trying to share information about his whereabouts to assist authorities,” a statement released from a family spokesperson read. “The family continues to accept help from all possible individuals and organizations to find Dylan and bring him home.”

On Saturday, about 200 volunteers and law enforcement officials went door to door in the region and searched hills near Vallecito Lake, the Denver Post said.

Vallecito is more than 7,000 feet above sea level in the middle of rugged terrain. The weather in the area in the past few days has been clear and cool, with highs in the 50s and lows below freezing.

Anyone with information on Dylan’s whereabouts is asked to contact La Plata County Sheriff’s Office investigators at 970-382-7015 or 970-382-7045.

Boy, 13, missing in Colorado after court-ordered holiday visit – U.S. News

Please forward and lets help bring this boy home. I don’t understand why police only ring the alaram a week after the child has been missing, when the first 48 hours are the most crucial.

Misogny is real, smh


The following is connected with Ars Marginal’s post entitled Why Fandom Needs To Die a Violent Death which discusses the latest problem of misogyny against women in the comic book world.

I must advise everyone that this post is NOT the best entry to define or challenge misogyny or sexism, nor am I the best one to give advice on the matter. Please give your incite, extra points and criticisms, on the matter in the comment section below.

I’ve been hurt by women several times in my lifetime. I’ve been let down, used and just hated for reasons only theorized. (I won’t go into details) I didn’t do anything wrong to provoke those females, as far as I know. However, I’ve been bitter about what they’ve done to me, and in some cases I’m still a little bitter. That’s why I will admit that I am a misogynist.

For a…

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Truth is Truth!


Every November, this nation celebrates Thanksgiving, a time where we spend with our families for dinner, and supposedly celebrate everything we are thankful for. Its origins have traced back during the early days of American history where European Pilgrims have settled in the new world. According to many history textbooks in almost all schools across the nation, the Pilgrims and Native peoples (‘Indians’ in most of these textbooks) were friendly towards each other. There was no hatred, especially from the Settlers, against the Native people. In fact Native Americans helped the Pilgrims learn to fish, farm and hunt, and survive the harsh conditions of winter. After harvesting their first crop, they and their “Indian friends” have celebrated what would be forever be referred to as the first Thanksgiving, and America continues to live that tradition today.

However, very few people in modern times have asked the question, “Did it really

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What are you thankful for?



The month of November is shooting by like a rocket and time waits for no one. I have so much to be thankful for this thanksgiving. I write this blog with a smile on my face even though I am getting over a cold which caused me to miss 1 day of work this week, breath with my mouth open and my nose to peel.

UGH!! Don’t you just hate being sick!!

My Top 7 Things I am thankful for this year are…

1-      My growing relationship with my lord and savior Jesus Christ. I have always been a Christian but at this point in my life I am walking the walk not just talking the talk.

2-      My Family/sisters. (I have 5 sisters (same mother and father) growing up in a house with all girls was stressful (we fought a lot growing up) especially…

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Missing: Kameron Herby

Search on for missing 2 year old in Durham

Updated at 04:12 PM today
   Kameron Herby (Image courtesy Durham Police Department)

DURHAM (WTVD) — Police say they are actively looking for a missing 2 year old in the 2500 block of South Roxboro Street.   

Officers were speaking to Kameron Herby’s mother at an apartment complex at that address.

Herby was last seen wearing Elmo pants, a Superman shirt with red sleeves, and bright orange shoes. Kameron is described as a black male with brown skin and approximately 2 feet tall.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to immediately call 911.

Search on for missing 2 year old in Durham | 

Please lets help to get the word out about little Kameron. Please forward and reblog, please and send prayers as well.