Inspired to go Higher

We are an amazing people!


Let me just start off by saying I am Nigerian–American, raised by two Nigerian parents who did not for one second, misplace their cultural values or traditional rules of child rearing when raising my sisters and I.  Many people say Nigerians are too proud and although I do not agree with that statement; Tunji Anthony Olu-Taiwo is definitely someone for all Nigerians to be proud of.

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Tunji, from his freshman to senior year of college aced every test, every quiz and every homework assignment. WOW!! Can you say devoted! He never skipped a beat in pursuit of his engineering degree, graduating at the TOP of his program from the Eastern Mediterranean University in the Turkish republic of North Cyprus.​

CONGRATULATIONS Tunji the road to success is never easy and take comfort in knowing your country is proud of you!!

Nigeria is a poverty stricken country where many…

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