Laughing at Ignorance

So recently the least funniest member of The Kings of Comedy, Mr. H(ugly) himself talked about Black women are some of the most angriest people he has ever met.

Um, say what now?

Then some so-called comedian Keegan whatever talked about how there is nothing more dangerous than a black wife, whoa alert the press.

I laugh at people like this because they do not know how horrible they look. The first runner-up for throwing black women under the bus unfortunately has a black wife and two black daughters, which doesn’t take him off the possibly gay list, but yeah.

The second runner has a white mother and a white wife, why he feels the need to speak on black women being wives when he’s not married to one baffles me.

Again I laugh at people like this because while they are busy trying to throw sassy shade, public shade, and self-hate shade, black women continue to do what they do best, be flawless and downright gorgeous.

Michelle Obama has a lot of people sweating hard, I mean how one can say they support a president Obama, but equally try to call out his wife, who really is a B.A.M.F in all areas on and off the campaign trail.

So newsflash for people who think this type of act is cute understand that you’re not showing black women’s behind, you’re showing your behind. You are showing the world that you hate yourself, and I would rather these people keep those things to themselves.

For those who bash black women as angry and blah blah blah understand that Black women have a right to be angry and they have a right to express every single emotion they feel without having to be labeled for being human. But then again some people would rather us not be portrayed as human, but too bad.

So while these idiots show their behinds, black women around the world are enjoying and living life to the fullest, simply being human.

Stay hating 😛




  1. That was great. I have never understood Hugley. He has a black wife and daughters. You know he even said some ugly remarks about the Rutgers female basketball players. He is just a sick self hating negro. I think black people like this are sad, and tragic.

    • And they eventually get their wake up call and suddenly get so mad. although a lot of people have been conditioned to be negative toward themselves and blame all their problems on being born a certain race, gender, or complexion, there is too much knowledge out there for this cycle to continue.

  2. @Mary I loved a comment on youtube when someone said if ANYBODY is an ‘ugly nappy head ho’ it’s Hughley himself that was priceless. The author forgot to mention the king of hating black women fool Chris Rock he makes my skin crawl a slow burn. He is sickening and cringe worthy yet for some strange reason people think he’s a voice of ‘reason’ WTF?!! I vividly recall the nasty crap he said about Michelle O

  3. @Lavern, Oh my goodness. Chris Rock. Really? I can’t believe this. These men have daughters and wives. I very disappointed in Chris. And why would he make disparaging remarks about First Lady Obama? That is so disrespectful and shameful. Some of these black entertainers are just shameful.

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