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Every November, this nation celebrates Thanksgiving, a time where we spend with our families for dinner, and supposedly celebrate everything we are thankful for. Its origins have traced back during the early days of American history where European Pilgrims have settled in the new world. According to many history textbooks in almost all schools across the nation, the Pilgrims and Native peoples (‘Indians’ in most of these textbooks) were friendly towards each other. There was no hatred, especially from the Settlers, against the Native people. In fact Native Americans helped the Pilgrims learn to fish, farm and hunt, and survive the harsh conditions of winter. After harvesting their first crop, they and their “Indian friends” have celebrated what would be forever be referred to as the first Thanksgiving, and America continues to live that tradition today.

However, very few people in modern times have asked the question, “Did it really

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  1. Well, first of all I don’t just recognize November 22, as Thanksgiving Day. Everyday God gives me breath is enough for me to offer thanks. I’m thankful for grace and mercy. But I’m learning what we were taught in school may not be the truth. I like what Napolian”s quote. “History is lies agreed upon. So that Indians and Pilgrims business was not forthcoming. Wow just shaking my head. But It was about killing and oppression of indigenous people,

    • When I learned the real story behind thanksgiving I shook my head. However, I will not lie and say I do not celebrate it because I do. From young when we celebrated the day it was never about the pilgrims and the natives. School made it all about that, but my family always saw it as a day to come together and celebrate each other and all that we have done for one another. The history won’t taint that, but the real story does need to be taught in school.

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