New Year, New ?

A new year is upon us and only God knows what it will hold for each individual. R.I.P to those that were not able to usher in this new year with us.

I want to thank every person that has ever commented on my blog. When I first started my blog it was for myself and although I wanted followers, I didn’t want that to be my main focus. A year plus now and I have followers and amazing people commenting on my posts and I am extremely thankful.

A personal shoutout to mary burrell. You have been a constant commentator and you have helped me to correct my errors in posts and have made me think critically about many things. I thank you so much and wish you many more blessings for the New Year and many more to come.

To the people that have clicked, read, forward, put me on their blogroll, mentioned my blog, googled it, and more I thank you for alot. I wish I could say that this New Year will include me doing different things to my blog, but I won’t jump the gun.

For this New Year, I do want to get back to my scripture posts because they helped me a lot. Hopefully, they have helped you guys as well.

I wish all of you an amazing New Year with many blessings from our Lord Jesus Christ. Happy New Year!



Missing: Jade Morris

Blogger Nicola C. Mitchell writes that her 10-year-old god-daughter Jade Morris is missing under unusual circumstances, and the Nevada police refuse to investigate:

Good Morning Las Vegas. My 10 year old God-Daughter Jade Morris is missing. On Friday afternoon her step mother Brenda Jean Stokes picked her up and was arrested yesterday at the Bellagio Hotel after stabbing her co-worker. Now Brenda denies ever picking up Jade and no one has seen her. PLEASE SHARE THIS PICTURE ON ALL OF YOUR PAGES! PLEASE. If you have seen this baby, please DM me, email me at nicolacmitchell@gmai, and or contact the Clark County police department missing persons at (702) 828-2907.

Jade is black, is 5 feet tall and weighs 70 pounds. She was wearing blue jeans, a blue shirt and a long brown jacket when she disappeared.

Stokes was driving a red, four-door 2007 Saab.

She is being held at the Clark County jail on charges of burglary, battery with a deadly weapon, battery with use of a deadly weapon with substantial bodily harm and mayhem.


The original link is here. Please lets help to spread the word about Jade Morris. If anyone knows anything or seen anything please contact the Clark County police department missing persons and the blogger nicola mitchell. Please reblog

POC as Costumes

Not only does she look stupid, we all can see that she wishes she had Serena Williams body. Lets be honest, who wouldn’t slap a person for Serena’s body.


Recently, famed tennis star Caroline Wozniacki appeared on a tennis court with the bra and shorts stuffed to make herself look curvy. It is said that she did it to impersonate another famed tennis star Serena Williams, particularly her natural curves. Many people were amused by this stint. Others, call it being racist. Word on the street is that it’s not the first time female tennis players mocked Williams’ figure by doing similar things.

Days before this WTF moment occurred, the Chi Omega Sorority in Penn State University took a picture of themselves as Mexican stereotypes. They appeared with large sombreros – some had mustaches painted – and wearing traditional Mexican garb. A couple of girls held cardboard signs that read “Will mow lawn or weed” and “I don’t cut grass, I smoke it.” The sorority is currently on probation for their picture.

Last but not least –…

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Sisters Under Attack: Serena Williams Gets Mocked, Black Woman Gets Fired Over Her Hair

I completely agree with Brothawolf.

Davey D's Hip Hop Corner

Davey-D-brown-frameNot a good week for sisters… First we have Rollingstone Magazine releasing their much ballyhooed 50 Greatest Hip Hop Songsof all times. They assembled a panel of 33 artists taste makers, label executives etc.. As they scoured through over 30 years of recorded material, Rollingstone and their panel could only come up with 3 female artists who put out songs worthy of being on their Top 50 list  Missy Elliott who was 38, Lauryn Hill (45), Salt-n-Pepa (46)…So sisters were told don’t trip after all,  who cares about a damn rap chart?  There are bigger fish to fry..

Perhaps that bigger fish was tennis star Caroline Wozniacki who has been accused of doing a ‘racist’ impersonation of fellow tennis player Serena Williams. During an exhibition match in Brazil against Maria Sharapova,Wozniacki stuffed her bra and shorts to replicate the body of the curvaceous Serena. She then strutted around…

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100th anniversary of the birth of Gordon Parks

Its great to find out about our people. Thanks Abagond.


Photographer Gordon Parks was born a hundred years ago today – on November 30th 1912. Google, which regularly honours creative people, is not honouring him, but I will!

I have been posting some of his photographs on Tumblr today. Here are the ones that have been reblogged the most so far:


To see more pictures and find out more, read my post: Gordon Parks.

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