POC as Costumes

Not only does she look stupid, we all can see that she wishes she had Serena Williams body. Lets be honest, who wouldn’t slap a person for Serena’s body.


Recently, famed tennis star Caroline Wozniacki appeared on a tennis court with the bra and shorts stuffed to make herself look curvy. It is said that she did it to impersonate another famed tennis star Serena Williams, particularly her natural curves. Many people were amused by this stint. Others, call it being racist. Word on the street is that it’s not the first time female tennis players mocked Williams’ figure by doing similar things.

Days before this WTF moment occurred, the Chi Omega Sorority in Penn State University took a picture of themselves as Mexican stereotypes. They appeared with large sombreros – some had mustaches painted – and wearing traditional Mexican garb. A couple of girls held cardboard signs that read “Will mow lawn or weed” and “I don’t cut grass, I smoke it.” The sorority is currently on probation for their picture.

Last but not least –…

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    • It may be cool to her; however, it isn’t cool period. But Serena’s response is not surprising, if she did state that it was wrong and a problem the tennis world would not be behind her and would try to discredit her more than they already have, so its better for her to grin and bare it. However, I am not in the tennis world and don’t want to be, so I am offended and could careless the excuses made.

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