Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King

So today is the day to remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a man that fought for equality and justice. Some people love to quote his I Have a Dream Speech and his march on Washington and although those events and that speech was great, it isn’t one of his best. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a man that spoke out against injustice and didn’t mind doing so even if it meant speaking out against his country. He wanted to save America and had America listened to him rather than try to discredit him, America wouldn’t find itself in the position that it is in today, socially, politically, domestically, nationally, and economically.

People like to say that him and Malcom X were two drastically different people especially when it came to deciding on how to achieve equality for African-Americans in a country their ancestors built. Hhowever, this speech, Beyond Vietnam, shows that Dr. King and Malcom X were more similar than they were different. Happy Birthday Dr. King and I thank you for making change with the days God gave you.



  1. I found a really great quote from Mohandas Ganghi; “The odd thing about assasins, Dr. King, is that they think they’ve killed you.” Well the assasin might have killed the physical body but Dr. King still lives in spirit. Happy Birthday Dr. King.

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