What now?

When Sandy Hook first happened, I didn’t speak on it because the media did all talking. At first my heart was hardened, I felt for the kids that died, but I couldn’t understand what made them more special than kids that have been killed in inner-cities, in barrios, and more. However, a kid is a kid and when any child is hurt or killed it hurts. When God blesses us he doesn’t look to the media to choose he does it out of his own heart. So I had to shake that mindset off and look at it from the perspective of innocent children being taken away in a harsh manner. Now the media has been a buzz with all these anti-gun laws. Suddenly celebrities are making ads about stopping gun violence and everyone is using Sandy Hook as the excuse for everything, down to the price of food increasing.

One thing I have to say is that white crime has always been a problem anyone with common sense knows this. Lynchings, mass shootings, massacres and more have always had white faces behind it. So seeing Sandy Hook and Aurora did not surprise me. Instead of understanding that white privilege is a problem and the easy access white people have to guns is also a problem; people would rather attack guns.

People who collect guns or have them, plan to use them we know that. But whites for years have worshipped at the altar of violence and the NRA using every excuse in the book to justify their love of violence. I mean look at the type of crime thriller movies, video games, and tv shows America loves to produce, the more blood and violence the higher the rating. However, I will not excuse these terrorist like the media has, they chose to use their privilegeĀ to kill others understanding that instead of being six-foot deep, America would make movies about them, do psychological studies on them and keep them alive on tax payer dollars.

But one thing I can say is, white America how does it feel to get a dose of your own medicine? The black community for years told everyone, the government, the American people, the NRA and more that something needed to be done about gun violence. These very same people turned around and said that, that was the Black communities problem not theirs.

Now years later you are seeing the consequences for your decision. I am upset that innocent people had to die for you to get a semi-wake up call. However, you still have not learned. The belief that being in an all-white neighborhood protects you is futile considering white people are 9 times more likely to be killed by another white person.

I am not shocked at the medias handling of Sandy Hook, but there is no black, brown, or Arab terrorist to pin this one on, this is all you guys. If you truly care about preventing another Sandy Hook you would wake the hell up.



  1. Agree with all that you said. Whites think because they are nestled in their upscale gated communities and everywhere else they think they have locked out the undesirables they were lulled into a false sense of security. But as Malcolm X said “The chickens have come home to roost”.

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