R.I.P Pendleton


Usually, I reserve the R.I.P. series for famous and successful achievers who have passed on. It hasn’t changed. Though many have never heard of her, she had a promising future, only to have it snatched away by a bullet.

Hadiya Pendleton was a regular girl. She was a gifted student who performed in a band at President Obama’s inauguration. She was just hanging around with some friends when a shooting occured. Pendleton was shot in the back and died. She was only 15.

I am saddened as I read about her death. I would be heartless not to. I am also reminded of the tragic murder of Derrion Albert in the fall of 2009. Like many youth, his life was taken in the poor inner streets of the big city. Like Pendleton before him, he was killed in the streets of Chicago.

What was so memorable about Albert’s death was…

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