Missing: Tayonna Dody 13-year-old

Family searching for 13-year-old Tayonna Dody

Mar 30, 2013 7:48 p.m.

A Detroit family is desperately searching for a teenage girl. Tayonna Dody, 13, was last seen Tuesday night at her family’s house on Rosemary. No one has heard from her for several days. They believe she disappeared between 3-7am Wednesday morning. Her mother discovered her missing when she went to wake the teenager up for school.

Family members say they love and miss Tayonna and they’re worried about the young girl out on the streets.

“Tayonna, aint no body mad at you,” said her aunt, Melissa Walker. “We just want you to come home.”

“I want the city of Detroit to help us please to locate my granddaughter,” added Shirley Walker. “When I say the city that means she can be anywhere – east side, west side, north Detroit, down river. I just need your help to find my granddaughter and bring her home.”

Family members say Tayonna has never disappeared like this before. If you have any information about the missing 13 year old, call Detroit Police.

MyFox2 Mobile: Family searching for 13-year-old Tayonna Dody


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