Fear is something that every human on this planet has faced; in fact most living things have experienced fear. What separates people is how they deal with fear, for some they face fear head on, but others merely avoid it. Everyone’s solution or escape from fear is different, but whether you hold a title of prestige or you’re an average person, fear is a common human emotion.

In fact, the Bible mentions or eludes to fear a lot. Remember Jonah, who was supposed to go to the city of Nineveh and warn the people of the punishment God was going to bring to them if they didn’t repent? Yeah him, well he ran away and was inside the belly of a whale for more than 24 hours, seaweed covering his hair and all.

What about David? David who was running for his life from the King Saul, who wanted to kill him? David who faked insanity before Abimelech?  Yep, all his troubles and happy days led him to write 73 Psalms, 73 out of 150 Psalms is a lot.

And the list of God’s people and more that experienced fear goes on and on, but one thing these people had in common was that they talked to God. God knows that we have fears, some enough to paralyze us, and he doesn’t want that for us. However, if we do not seek his help we end up letting our fears consume us.

I have a fear of heights, all my fear-heights people *hugs*, and of success. I fear success because I know that once that bar is raised more is expected of me and I’m scared of what comes with it. It’s silly but it’s a genuine fear of mine, it doesn’t leave me in cold sweats, but I will procrastinate and then come up with an excuse as to why I didn’t complete the form, or fill it out in the first place.

But God is so good that he lead me to two Psalms that clearly outline fear and how to deal with it; Psalm 3: 6 and Psalm 34:4. Psalm 3:6 says, “I will not fear the tens of thousands drawn up against me on every side.” and Psalm 34:4 says, “I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.” (Teen Study Bible). The funny thing is that both of these Psalms were written by whom? You guess it David!

Whether your fear deals with people or something else, God can help to deliver you from all your fears, all you have to do is talk to him about it and believe that he will deliver you. It doesn’t mean he won’t have you do leg work, but he won’t leave you alone.

Maybe it’s just me, but I have noticed that the very things I fear are the very things I am constantly running into. Maybe God has a sense of humor, but I am sure that he is pushing me to overcome my fear so that he can work on me.

It’s like the saying, “the very gift God has given you is the very gift he will bless you through.” Why would it be any different when it comes to fear? What if the very thing you fear is the very thing he is trying to work on you, so that you may help others that share your fear?

I won’t pretend to know God’s thought’s because no one does, but I won’t deny that before I encounter my fear I ask God to help deliver me and I paraphrase Psalm 34:4. When I do encounter that fear, God helps to deliver me, by giving me a peace and calm that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t ask for his help.

So next time we are about to encounter our fear, let’s take a minute or two to read over Psalm 3:6 and Psalm 34:4 and believe God’s words and see if he doesn’t deliver you.

Blessings to you all.



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