Afghan wedding bombings

I just can’t, honestly.



Afghan wedding bombings (2002- ) is the apparent American practice of bombing weddings during their War in Afghanistan (2001-present).

On the day of the Boston Marathon Bombing (April 15th 2013), reports of one such bombing appeared on Twitter. The tweets made it seem like it took place the same day, but the Daily Mail article they linked to was a report of a bombing in 2002. So the Americans bombed a wedding 11 years ago – war is a mess, mistakes are made. A tragedy, surely, but not a crime.

Yet that was not the only Afghan wedding bombing. There are others.

Here are the ones I know about, in order of date:

  •  May 2002: north of Khost: 11 wedding guests killed.  The Americans said it was justified since their plane had come under fire. It is common for men at weddings in Afghanistan to fire their guns in the air in…

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