Drop The Charges Against Kiera Wilmot!

“On 7 a.m. on Monday, the 16 year-old mixed some common household chemicals in a small 8 oz water bottle on the grounds of Bartow High School in Bartow, Florida. The reaction caused a small explosion that caused the top to pop up and produced some smoke. No one was hurt and no damage was caused.
According to WTSP, Wilmot told police that she was merely conducting a science experiment. Though her teachers knew nothing of the specific project, her principal seems to agree.
“She made a bad choice. Honestly, I don’t think she meant to ever hurt anyone,” principal Ron Pritchard told the station. “She wanted to see what would happen [when the chemicals mixed] and was shocked by what it did. Her mother is shocked, too.””

http://theblackgirlsclub.blogspot.com/ click here to read more of the story

So young Kiera Wilmot is having felony charges thrown at her because she mixed some chemicals and it caused a very minor explosion. An explosion that didn’t harm anyone or anything! Can you imagine this? The girl is not doing anything wrong, had she been white she would have been praised for even attempting such experiment. Florida I know you are a backwards state, every story that comes out of you proves that, but if you allow this girl to rot you are going to have karma that will last centuries. Wilmot did nothing, I mean absolutely nothing, wrong! I am happy that at such a young age she is curious about science, this already shows that she will be an importance scientist for America. Instead of America to see that, they would rather throw the book at her. I strongly believe that since these racist idiots can’t touch Michelle Obama, they are going after any young girl that has the potential to be like her.

I will not stand for this. Florida get your pink flamingo behind together and do what is right. Anyone that has a hand in attempting to ruin this young girls future, you are already setting up your future lineage for trouble, what goes around comes around twice as hard.

Make your complaints loud and clear by signing these petitions https://www.aclu.org/secure/high-school-science-experiment-ended-felony-conviction and http://www.change.org/petitions/state-attorney-jerry-hill-drop-charges-against-kiera-wilmot

Fill in the inbox of these people:

and e-mail these people:

Superintendent’s email: john.stewart@polk-fl.net and office phone: (863) 534-0500
Polk County School Board head: hazel.sellers@polk-fl.net and phone (863) 533-4392

Also if anyone can find the e-mail of the city police J hall, please fill his/her inbox as well.

We are done with our children being made to feel as criminals or treated as criminals over the littlest of things. We will not let this happen, we are protecting our children by any means necessary and we will do it through every available means necessary!



  1. That is just so crazy. She is a bright and gifted young woman and they want to ruin her. I am feeling some kind of way about this. A gifted young black woman and they want to destroy her future. I am sure white kids experiment and do things far worse.

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