Street Harassment Is Not a Joke!

Tiff J of The Intersection of Madness & Reality wrote an amazing piece on street harassment. She talks about the study of street harassment and how it affects women, especially Black women. Tiff J takes a stand against the misogyny and male privilege of street harassment, while giving an account of her own personal run in.

I do not understand why boys, no grown man would act such a way, think it is okay to make crude and inappropriate remarks to women. There have been stories of women with their children being harassed on the street. Imagine explaining to your young child what the words, some stranger on the street called you, mean.

Street harassment is a serious problem just like rape, sexual abuse, abuse, and more. Women should not fear for their safety if they choose to exert their power of being human by not engaging strangers in conversation. No woman should be attacked because she did not respond to cat calls or give her number to some guy.

The theme of males being able to assault women due to their egos being hit are becoming too common and I am not amused in the least. This issue does not only affect adult women, but young girls that are teenagers and younger.

The fact that women must cater to the ego of strange men is not a practice of democracy. Point blank, street harassment needs to be taken seriously and I strongly believe women should have the right to shoot such men, but the law would place these women in jail for murder rather than self-defense.

Young boys need to understand that screaming sexual and crude remarks or cursing a woman out because she ignores you is not okay. It is disrespectful and immature. No male is entitled to the acknowledgement or attention of a woman and should not feel so.

These young men need to be raised understanding that they do not have the right to treat a woman however they feel just because they feel slighted.

Please read the article by Tiff J in the link and share your thoughts about your own experiences or your own thoughts about street harassment.


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