Missing: Myasia Minus 14

Police searching for missing Trenton teen

bdzenis@trentonian.c  om Posted: Friday, 05/24/13 08:08 pm

TRENTON — Police say they are looking for a girl who may have run away with a sex offender.

Myasia Minus, 14, was reported last seen on May 8 at her grandfather’s house on the first block of Morris Avenue. Her mother reported her missing on May 16. The family reported that Minus is pregnant and may have run off with her boyfriend, Ernesto Rivera, 25, who is also the father of her child.

Rivera is a convicted sex offender currently wanted by police for failing to register as a sex offender. The family told police they have not been able to reach Minus by phone since she was reported missing. They do not know where she could be except with Rivera.

Anyone with information on Minus’s whereabouts can contact Juvenile Officer Arlene Miranda at 609-989-4083.

Police searching for missing Trenton teen – The Trentonian

It’s easy to focus on all that is wrong with this young teens situation, but please lets focus on her being found safe and sound and that pedophile molester being thrown behind bars.


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