NYPD You are a racist coward!

“In New York, concrete jungles where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do” except get justice when you are assaulted by a bunch of racist. I can’t even begin to summarize this story, but I will give you an intro: Two young men are walking home when they are assaulted for no reason, by a group of 10-12 cowards. The police are called thanks to a bystander and the young men are taken to the hospital suffering severe bruises. The police arrive only to do nothing and later on closed the case, while lying about why they closed the case. God is so good that the story receives attention from Fox news and 4 days later the NYPD suddenly want to investigate the situation, well aren’t we glad for their change of heart?

I just can’t understand how this is okay. Now had these two men had a weapon and blew those men away, not that I condone violence, but let’s be real, the cops would have taken them to jail instead of the cowards that assaulted. This plain and simple was a hate crime; I notice that when black people are assaulted by whites the media and the police never call it a hate crime, but let something happen to anyone else they quickly slap the label, hate crime, on it. I’m tired of this, we are not anyone’s punching bag or target practice, and we are living and breathing human beings. I just thank God that the two men are alive and that there was a witness along with evidence and footage. I will link you to the story and update.

Also the young lady whose boyfriend this happened to asked about anyone that has information on facial fractures and medical referrals, please if you know anyone or have any information please, please reach out to them and help them.

The story can be read here: http://urbanbushbabes.com/2013/05/my-boyfriend-his-twin-brother-were-brutally-innocently-attacked-by-10-11-men-in-manhattan-nypd-closes-case-immediately-without-investigation/

The update can be read here: http://urbanbushbabes.com/2013/05/update-fox-5-ny-news-coverage-of-brutal-attack-against-my-boyfriend-his-brother-in-manhattan/



  1. Yes, I saw this on Urban Bush Babies blog. The blogger Ciprianna this was her boyfriend and his brother. The NYPD are not doing their freaking jobs. They are dragging their posteriors. This is so shameful. And the mob that attacked those guys are nothing but cowards.

    • Exactly! Cowards always attack in packs but never one on one. I do not understand how one could close a case like that without investigating. Someone saw these men and know them and they need to come forward. Anyone that can just harm people do to hate is not meant to be out and about free to do this to another person. Those cowards are going to get theirs, vengeance is God’s and God is not mocked. They will reap what they sow.

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