Horiozn Science Academy bans Afro puffs/Braids

The Horizon Science Academy in Ohio sent out a letter to parents about changes that will be made to its dress code policy. Now if you are like me you are thinking: uniforms, certain color shoes, skirts lengths, no sagging of pants, shirts must be tucked in and so on, but Horizon Science Academy takes it a step further, “Afro puffs and small braids have been banned.”

You can see a copy of the letter here http://blackgirllonghair.com/2013/06/ohio-school-bans-afro-puffs-and-braids/.

So tell me what is wrong with afro puffs? What is wrong with braids? NOTHING!

This reminds me of the whole “You can touch my hair” thing that took place in New York for people to touch different textures of afro hair. For the women that participated good for them, but for me no. I do not feel it is my business to educate you about hair.

Hair is hair, whether kinky, coiled, curly, wavy, straight, or whatever it is hair. However, America has made a history, present, and possible future on making others seem like exotic pet animals if they do not match the perceived default, white.

When women and men of African descent wear their hair in any style other than straight or low-cut, it should not be seen as some political statement, it should be seen as a hairstyle. I never understood why styles for afro textured hair are seen as oo la la, it’s creepy. But then again this is the same country that makes afros the symbol of comedy by way of clowns, who began wearing Afros in their act from the minstrel shows.

This schools focus should be on education; how you wear your hair does not make you more deserving or undeserving of an education. The attack on afro hair is ridiculous; the whole talk of how one should style their hair to be presentable or conform to a society standard, that never cared for you to begin with is problematic!

Also Horizon Science Academy, you should be focused on building future scientists and leaders. No one said anything to Einstein about his hair and his hair was all kinds of dry, he could have worked on a moisture product, but that is beside the point. The point is ones hair does not determine their intellect.

I do not like what this school is promoting, afro puffs and braids are hairstyles for hair and there is nothing wrong with it. These styles can be pinned up, put into a bun, and covered with a bonnet if there is concern for safety during science experiments, which I doubt.

So my advice, focus on education not hairstyles unless you no longer want to focus on science and become Horizon Beauty Academy, which sounds stupid.


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