Welcome to Post-racial B*llsh*t

I thank God for a thread on a site that I frequent that understood the Paula Dean explosion for what it is, a distraction.

The Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, but obviously does not have the highest thinkers in the land, voted 5-4 to strike down a very important part of the Civil Rights Act that concerns voting rights.

Section 5 of the Civil Rights Act does not allow states, especially states that historically discriminated against African-Americans rights to vote, from making changes to their voting laws or procedures without the approval of Congress. The justices of the court although split on this section did not touch it, but they did touch Section 4.

Section 4, focused on states that had a history of discriminating against African-Americans and disenfranchising them. Well those geniuses figured that these states needed less scrutiny since there has been a change in their attitude, I mean it was only 40-50 years ago they were asking Black people “how many jelly beans are in this jar?” just for them to get the right to vote. Some of us have parents, grandparents, great grandparents that are older than 40-50 years old and lived through such discrimination themselves!

What troubles me is the excuse given for such displays of madness: the data showing the necessity for Section 4 is “outdated” and does not reflect the “post-racialness” that is America today. Well gee, I guess all those people calling President Obama, Michelle Obama, and their two daughters all types of monkeys and n-words are just isolated incidents.

Let me break down how serious and important of an issue this is; the Supreme Court is the highest court in the land, it sets precedents on issues that will affect the voting choices of future generations should those issues re-emerge, aka Roe v. Wade. The highest court in the land that passed Plessey v. Ferguson, Separate-but-(UN)equal and Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, striking down Separate-but-(UN)equal, has now set a precedence that Blacks can now be subjected to Jim Crow 2.0.

I am not on board with this 5-4 decision at all and the current Supreme Court justices on Robert’s court are full of it! Anyone who thinks that racist, diabetic, dried up, lazy, uncouth Paula Dean is worthy of more attention that this case is crazy. Paula Dean I am happy you are getting dragged and dragged you shall be, but your dragging will not overshadow such sneaky moves being made to send us back to Jim Crow.

There are attempts being made to take this country away from “illegals and others” meanwhile those others are who labored to build this country, yet the ones receiving the most benefits are the ones that did the least work.; unless you consider murder, rape, torture, and psychological brainwash serious labor, let me give you a tip that makes it much easier, chicken pox.

America is not post-racial, I don’t even know where words such as “post-racial” and “reverse racism” even came from, who is playing with Webster dictionary and making stuff up? Saying America is post-racial is like saying its “post-sexist” again both are LIES and I am sick of it. The decision makers would strip away Affirmative Action if they could, but don’t worry they’re working on it.

This decision doesn’t just hurt black people they hurt other minorities that seem to think they are a part of some exclusive club of white privilege, trust me you’re next. There seems to be a fairytale land where the Civil Rights Movement and the progress made from it cured all the ills of America, but it didn’t.

While the LGBT community is making strides in securing rights for themselves, we are left with our rights being stripped away. This does not mean there is a correlation between increase rights for LGBT people equaling declining rights for Blacks, this correlates with the mindset of those in positions of power, they want to be on the right side of history when convenient, be the hero on issues that garner the most media attention. Our rights should not be bargained, negotiated for, or bought, they are ours and we should have never had to fight for them to begin with!

You Supreme Court justices will be protested and President Obama it would be great if you spoke on this, but I really don’t expect that to happen. I don’t see you as the Black president, far from it, but I do see you as the President of the people and YOUR people, American citizens, are being unfairly targeted and I expect you to care.





  1. Yes, The SCOTUS and the VRA is indeed disturbing. I pray the Black men and women and the white men and women who collectively worked for Black people to have the right to vote will not have died in vain. After humiliating tactics such as literary test and poll taxes, And to have all that evil eradicated, and now in 2013 to have that same freedom threatened is quite scary. It’s is something to be concerned about.

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