The N-word

Some people like to use the excuse that “words are just words” and yet no other race would be comfortable being called their degrading racial slur, so why do people think they should be able to do the same to Blacks?



The N-word is the word “nigger”, one of the three truly taboo words left in Standard English in 2013 (the other two start with c and f). It means a black person but has behind it hundreds of years of white racist contempt, particularly when it comes out of the mouth of a white person.

Timeline (when words first appeared in writing):

  • 1550s:Negro, probably from Spanish or Portuguese, where it simply means “black”.
  • 1568:neger
  • late 1600s:nigger
  • 1800:nigger in the woodpile
  • 1840s: nigger-brown (shade of brown)
  • 1878:nigger heaven (upper gallery in segregated theatres)
  • 1896: nigger toes (Brazil nuts)
  • 1925:niggah (in black use)
  • 1944:nigra (possibly worse than “nigger” itself)
  • 1967: a thousand place names in the US still have he word “nigger” in them.
  • 1969:nigga (black use)

By the late 1700s, at the latest, the word had become racist. The…

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  1. It’s just like you said in your comments on Abagond. And that was so on point. Because they feel they we (Black people) are beneath them and they feel they can still do this. I hate this word. Randall Kennedy wrote book. N-word: The Strange Career Of A Troublesome Word. Check it out.

  2. I once heard televangelist Creflo Dollar say that the N-word could be anyone. Not just Black people. According to Dr. Dollar, N-word means lazy, someone who steals and is stupid and loud. If this doesn’t apply to you, then you shouldn’t get offended.This definition leaves me wanting. It sounds empty and hollow.

  3. And the Laura Schlessinger incident how she attacked that Black woman caller. They woman wanted help because her white husband called her the N-word. Laura Schlessinger attacked her with a barrage of N-word replies. That’s some craziness right there.

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