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CNN Anchor Don Lemon got himself into some hot water when he said that Bill O’Reilly’s criticism of the black community “doesn’t go far enough” before he began his own finger-wagging.

You see, O’Reilly, a Fox News pundit and all-around white male racist, went on a rant about how black community is practically fucked up. He cited the “disintegration of the African American family, the drug situation,” and the gangsta culture, all things most white American think they know about the African American community which populates around 40 million blacks.

It doesn’t stop there. Don Lemon, a black male himself, backed O’Reilly’s scripted white-lecturing with a few points of his own:

Those five things, he said, were hiking up their pants, finishing school, not using the n-word, taking care of their communities and not having children out of wedlock.

So naturally, Lemon got blasted on social media cites like Twitter…

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Missing: Taylor Robinson,19

Private eye releases suspect profile in disappearance of 19-year-old Akron woman Taylor Robinson
Posted: 07/24/2013

Last Updated: 20 hours and 6 minutes ago

By: Bob Jones, By: Bob Jones,

AKRON, Ohio – A private investigator is releasing a criminal profile of the type of person who could be involved in the disappearance of 19-year-old Taylor Robinson of Akron.

Tim Dimoff, who owns SACS-Consulting & Investigative Services, said he offered to help the Robinson family and is only charging them $1.

“Boy, do they miss this young lady and I just thought it was part of our duty to help out,” Dimoff said.

Dimoff has spent about a month investigating the case. He returned to the crime scene and has interviewed six to eight family members, friends or neighbors.

His conclusion: Whoever was involved with Robinson’s disappearance knew her very well and likely had a personal relationship with her.

“I strongly believe there was a conflict between that person and her that was taking place before she disappeared… I believe that this was a culmination of that conflict, that this person wanted to confront her,” Dimoff said.

His profile also suggests the suspect has power and control issues, and may be “on the edge” of other criminal activity.

Dimoff, a former Akron police detective, said he believes that Robinson was kidnapped and that the crime is not a secret. Although, he’s not sure if more than one person could be involved in her disappearance.

“The streets have ears… There are other people in Akron, Ohio that know exactly who is responsible,” he said.

On May 3, the teen was dropped off by her mother, Carmilla Robinson, at an Akron home on Kipling Street, where Taylor Robinson worked as a home health aide.

The next day, Carmilla Robinson returned, but her daughter was nowhere to be found. Her coat and shoes were left behind.

Her cellphone was missing. No activity has been noticed on her phone or bank accounts since she vanished.

Carmilla Robinson is hoping and praying that her daughter is still alive and continues to beg the public for any information.

“I just want you to help me. I would help you. I just want some help to bring her home, she said.

Akron police said they have not received any new leads in the case. The FBI is also assisting.

Police are not naming any suspects in the disappearance. Last month, Lt. Rick Edwards told NewsChannel5 that officers were trying to get more information from Taylor Robinson’s ex-boyfriend, who has a lawyer and was being uncooperative.

Private eye releases suspect profile in disappearance of 19-year-old Akron woman Taylor Robinson

Akron Woman Reported Missing

Posted on: 9:57 am, May 5, 2013, by Kelly Ruszkiewicz, updated on: 10:03am, May 5, 2013


AKRON, Ohio — Authorities are asking for the public’s help in finding a missing woman.

According to the Akron Police Department, 19-year-old Taylor Robinson was last seen on Friday, May 3rd. She was dropped off at a residence in the 700 block of Kipling Avenue.

Robinson was working overnight as a home health care aid. When the client’s mother returned in the morning, Robinson was not at the residence and the client was left alone.

She was last seen wearing a white t-shirt and gray leggings. She had her hair in a ponytail with a black and white bandana around her head.

Anyone with information on Taylor Robinson’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Akron Police Department, Detective Bureau at (330) 375-2490 or the Missing Person Unit at (330) 375-2530.…orted-missing/

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ACS- Black Students

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  5. If…

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