academic advice

Amazing academic advice. Also learn how to network please! Networking and connections are very important in this world, also volunteer as much as possible.


ACS- Black Students

My advice about school and university in America – stuff I did right or, looking back, wish I had done!

  1. Stay in school as long as possible. Education can make a big difference in your life – and it will be much harder to do later in life when you have family responsibilities.
  2. Get the best grades you can. Even though most people do not have it together from age 15 to 18, one way or another you will be judged harshly on the grades you get then. On the other hand, taking your schoolwork more seriously than most is an easy way to get a long-term jump.
  3. Always go to the best school or university you can. 
  4. Never, never, never let anyone make you think you lack intelligence. Never. Never. Or make you think there is something wrong with you for being intelligent and doing well at school.
  5. If…

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