Missing: Teresa Ewing

Video: Aberdeen Police Searching For Missing Woman

Teresa Ewing

ABERDEEN, Miss. (WCBI)- Lillie Ewing hasn’t seen her 26 year old daughter, Teresa Ewing since late Sunday evening around 9 pm.

“Her ex-boyfriend came over to my house. I was in the house and he sent her oldest daughter on the porch back in the house to tell Teresa would she take him home. And so Teresa got up off her bed she was laying down in and then got in the car and took him home. She didn’t come back home though, said Lillie.

Her family tells WCBI Teresa’s White 1997 Chevy Tahoe was found on Franklin Street the next day. The truck had a flat tire and her keys lay on the ground nearby. Investigators won’t release the ex-boyfriend’s name, but they do consider him a person of interest. Lillie says Teresa and her ex have a tumultuous history.

“I know before he had got her and took her out in the woods and had tied her up to a tree. I begged her to stay away from him. I told her if she don’t stop talking to him, something bad was going to happen,” said Lillie.

That tree stands in the woods just off Darracot Road. It’s where Aberdeen Police began their search.

“We actually found some clothes that’s been taken up. We found socks, we found shirts, pajama pants. A lot of interesting things that shouldn’t be out here in this area and we’re actually trying to make sure that none of this matches up with the young lady that we’re looking for,” said Aberdeen Police Chief Henry Randle.

Authorities have set up a small search team to find Teresa. They spent the day combing through the woods and other parts of the city for any indication that she’s still alive.

We’re actually checking a lot of the abandoned houses that’s in Aberdeen and a lot of the dilapidated structures that are still standing that has a lot of debris growing around them so we’re checking the whole city just to see if this young lady is tied up and being held against her own,” said Chief Randle.

Lillie’s praying for the best and asking everyone to help bring her daughter home.

“I miss my baby. I miss her so much. I just want her back. Whoever’s out there please bring her back,” said Lillie.

The last incident between Teresa and her ex-boyfriend happened around a year ago.  The boyfriend was arrested and charged with kidnapping, but when they went to court, Teresa dismissed the charges.

Police plan on continuing their search for the next 48 hours.

If you have any information on the investigation into Teresa Ewing’s disappearance, please call Aberdeen Police Department.



Missing: Liana Andrews, 16 & Kacie Watson, 14


The families of two missing Texas teens are convinced the girls may have met with foul play after authorities located the car they were driving abandoned 400 miles away from home.

Liana Andrews, 16, and Kacie Watson, 14, of Cypress, were hanging out together in Andrew’s bedroom Friday night. Andrews’ grandmother was watching the pair and checked in on them before she went to bed.

When Andrews’ grandmother awoke the following morning the girls were gone, as was Andrews’ mother’s car, a 2001 Gold Chrysler Sebring. Andrews, who only has a learners permit, sent a text to a family member saying they would be back around 1:30 p.m.
The teens never showed up Saturday afternoon and their families reported them missing to police.

On Tuesday, the vehicle the girls were traveling in was found some 400 miles away, abandoned in downtown San Antonio, near the city courthouse.

“They are normal teenagers — not perfect kids — but taking the car and driving that far is way out of character for them,” Watson’s grandmother told The Huffington Post.

Watson’s grandmother requested her name not be used in this article. She said not knowing what happened to the girls has caused her to be afraid of putting herself in danger.

The girl’s belongings were found inside the vehicle, but there was no sign of the missing teens.

“They found their clothing, makeup and a backpack Kacie carries with her all the time instead of a purse,” Watson’s grandmother said.

Authorities in Harris County have classified the girls as endangered runaways. However the families are concerned they may have been going to meet with someone and became the victims of foul play.

“The police have looked at their internet activity. I’m not allowed to discuss that because of the investigation, but we think they were meeting someone from Facebook,” Watson’s grandmother said.

The worried grandmother said the family is concerned that the person the girls met might not have been whom they portrayed themselves to be online.

“We don’t have any facts, but we’re beginning to think that this was an abduction,” she said.

Liana Andrews is described as an African-American female, 5-foot-2 and 100 pounds. She has light brown hair and brown eyes. Liana may be in the company of Kacie. Her ears and navel are pierced. When Andrews was last seen, her hair was dyed black at the base and blonde at the tips.

Kacie Watson is also an African-American female. She is 5-foot-6 and weighs 150 pounds. She has brown hair and brown eyes. While Watson is pictured wearing glasses, she does not usually have them on.

The family has created the “Kacie Watson and Liana Andrews Missing” Facebook page to share information on the case.

“You can’t imagine what we are going through unless you’ve been in this position before. It’s unbelievable. It makes you numb. You have to keep functioning but it’s only through the grace of God that you’re able to,” Watson’s grandmother said.
Anyone with information about the teen’s whereabouts is asked to call the Harris County Sheriff’s Office at 713-221-6000 or the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, at 1-800-843-5678 (1-800-THE-LOST).
Liana Andrews And Kacie Watson Missing: Abandoned Car Found 400 Miles From Home


Missing: 5-month-old Hoshua Summeries

Chief Wayne Brooks
2101 Salem Blvd.
Zion, Illinois 60099
Phone (847) 746-4103 FAX (847) 746-4093 E-mail wayneb@zion.il.us

FBINA 224th Session
Press Release 8-21-13
Missing Person

On Wednesday morning August 21, 2013 at approx. 8:02am the Zion Police Department received a report of a missing five-month-old infant from 2311 Galilee apt #2. The caller indicated that unknown persons had abducted the missing infant. Responding officers found some evidence to believe that the circumstances surrounding this missing infant were suspicious. The Police department immediately reached out to all available resources to look for and investigate this incident, including the Lake County Major Crime Task Force, the Lake County Child Abduction Response Team, and the Northern Illinois Police Alarm System Mobile Field Force. At this point at approx. 125 Police Officers, Community Services, and Zion Emergency Services and Disaster Agency personnel are actively involved. We are currently conducting interviews and painstakingly searching the area. This is an isolated incident and we do not believe any other Zion residents are in danger.
Chief Wayne Brooks Zion Police Department

Victim- Joshua Summeries 5 months old

Cops, K9 Units Search Zion for Missing 5-Month-Old | NBC Chicago


“A man sought in the case of a missing Zion boy was in custody Wednesday evening, hours after the search for him and 5-month-old Joshua Summeries began, officials confirmed.

There still was no information about Summeries, but a man described as his mother’s boyfriend was found hiding in the woods on the north end of the far northern suburb after authorities handed out leaflets with his photo.”

Cops, K9 Units Search Zion for Missing 5-Month-Old | NBC Chicago

The mother and the boyfriend are being looked into, although the boyfriend has been charged.

Hero of the day: Antoinette Tuff

Antoinette Tuff

This amazing woman, Antoinette Tuff, is an angel. I’m sure you already know who she is, but just in case you don’t here is a quick recap: Antoinette stopped a Caucasian gunmen, that entered McNair Discovery Learning School, from killing the elementary kids inside. She talked the gunmen down, showing compassion, learning about the gunmen and sharing some details about her. Her call to the police has been heard on various news outlets. I thank God that Antoinette Tuff not only works for McNair Discovery, but that she was there that fateful day, and that God used her to save everyone in the building.


I can’t imagine what was going through her mind when she saw the gunmen with his weapon in his hand. This story could have easily been turned up side down with her being one of the first being killed. But her anointing is strong and what an amazing woman she is.

M(r)s. Tuff, I thank you for being at that school. I thank you for your strong faith. Please if possible donate money to this amazing hero, she deserves so much more. If anyone knows her personally tell her she is what heroes are made of: courage, selflessness, compassion, faith, and love.

From RevealingArtisticThoughts to M(r)s. Tuff you are an exceptional human being, thank God for you and may God bless you and your family.

Check one of my favorite blogs that talked about her:



E News blames Yoruba religion & Lee Thompson Young for Young’s death

Yesterday E news, they are anything but news, decided to write a piece about the death of Lee Thompson Young and tried to link it to the Yoruba people.

First of all Yoruba is the name of a group of people within Nigeria, that speak the language Yoruba and practice Yoruba religions, these religions have names mind you.

They were blatant in their disrespect and deliberate ignorance. Even after receiving correction from Luvvie, who broke it down as though talking to a bunch of 3 year olds, they made a correction that was still as inaccurate as what they originally wrote.


This is serious and detrimental. For them to try to play into the African religions are savage trope is deliberate ignorance. For them to try to make it seem like all Yoruba people practice one religion makes them deliberately small-minded idiots that should not be allowed to be journalist.

Journalist know to double, no, triple check their facts, not write what they get off of Wikipedia. Then America wonders why disinformation runs so rampant.

Another thing, why is Lee Thompson Young being indirectly blamed for his suicide? Where is the compassion and sympathy allotted to Caucasian celebrities when they take their lives? I didn’t see anyone blaming Heath Ledger for drug overdosing to the point of death. What about Elvis whose addiction to pain killers led him to the grave. Where was all this crap about some dark European religion telling them to do these things?

I am not amused nor am I impressed, facts need to be triple checked. The unfortunate thing is that some idiots out there will repeat the garbage written by E news as fact, which is offensive to Nigerians and especially Yoruba people.

I don’t know not one African religion that promotes suicide, not one.

E, piece of crap, news needs to issue an apology and take down that awful and deliberate propaganda, discrimination against Nigerians, article that was written.


African Superheroes & Video Games

I come bearing gifts my friends 🙂 Check out this link http://www.lipstickalley.com/f374/africas-video-game-super-heroes-560460/.

As we know, the video game industry is heavy with European mythology and white characters, with a few black characters sprinkled about. Well if you, like me, have ever wondered if African people will ever get to be represented and recognized in video games as super heroes look no further.

Ghanaian Eryam Tawia and his friend Wesley Kirinya are creating a much needed space for Africans in video games. These geniuses are using real African heroes and turning them into video games, are you as excited as I am?

Check out the video below to see what’s going on!