Black Pain= Comedy?

  • Have you ever heard a Jewish person make a joke about the Holocaust?
  • Have you ever heard an Armenian make a joke about the Armenian massacre?
  • Have you ever heard a Nigerian make a joke about the Biafra war?
  • Have you ever heard a Native-American make a joke about the Trial of tears?

The common answer to these questions are NO! Any situation that causes severe trauma, pain, and loss of life, is not meant to be a joke, but unfortunately not everyone has enough dignity to understand that.

Russell, I wish I could be white; uncle Ruckus, Simmons decided that a Harriet Tubman sex tape is hilarious. The tape disclosed how Harriet Tubman, really got to run the Underground Railroad. Wtf?

What is even more disturbing is that he actually found people willing to act out this, “comedy skit.”

Number one it is highly likely Harriet Tubman was sexually abused, raped, and more because she was born in a time that deemed her, dark skin and human body, as cattle rather than human. Despite all that, this is a woman who was a spy in the Civil War, bet you didn’t know that, and lead many of her people to freedom; despite having sleeping spells and racists assholes after her and huge rewards for her head!

However, in this house negros mind, the only thing he can do is make a sex tape of her. First off, black pain is not comedy to me and it shouldn’t be for anyone else.

Slavery is not funny to me; I cannot and will not make jokes about slavery because the shit is coming back again. Slavery is not funny because of the numerous people who were raped and killed for wanting freedom. Slavery is not funny because of the countless loss children we have in America now that don’t know their language, heritage, identity, or self and look to the TV to tell them how to be great.

So number one, fuck that House Negro. All he knows how to do is sell his people out on the chopping block, yet has the audacity to think him and Don Lemon are not different sides of the same coin.

Black pain is not comedy, nor should it be up for sale. Nor should the rape and violation of black women be seen as hilarious. Harriet Tubman was a warrior that fought not just for herself, but for others like her.

Let us be very clear, when Harriet Tubman escaped, she could have escaped by her damn self and kept it moving. But she went back for those who wanted freedom, but was too afraid to get it. She made sure that she protected herself and others. That is not a woman who should be used for a sick, twisted, perverted laugh.

I don’t want to think of how many kids she bore that was taken away from her, the abuse she went through.

I see that negro wouldn’t dare make such a “comedy” skit about Malcolm X or Stokley Carmichael, but felt Tubman was fair game. Then has the audacity to issue an apology after the negative backlash.

He can keep that apology and shove it right up his two face behind. This thought process that the pain of black women= not important, is coming to bite each and every one of these assholes in their ass.

I’m not even shocked at him because he has shown his behind too many times, he wanted to push the envelope to keep his name and his trashy network in people’s mouths, but when the Rush card was threatened, suddenly he is sorry.

Fuck you and your cash-for-gold debit card.

Black Pain is NOT comedy!



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