E News blames Yoruba religion & Lee Thompson Young for Young’s death

Yesterday E news, they are anything but news, decided to write a piece about the death of Lee Thompson Young and tried to link it to the Yoruba people.

First of all Yoruba is the name of a group of people within Nigeria, that speak the language Yoruba and practice Yoruba religions, these religions have names mind you.

They were blatant in their disrespect and deliberate ignorance. Even after receiving correction from Luvvie, who broke it down as though talking to a bunch of 3 year olds, they made a correction that was still as inaccurate as what they originally wrote.


This is serious and detrimental. For them to try to play into the African religions are savage trope is deliberate ignorance. For them to try to make it seem like all Yoruba people practice one religion makes them deliberately small-minded idiots that should not be allowed to be journalist.

Journalist know to double, no, triple check their facts, not write what they get off of Wikipedia. Then America wonders why disinformation runs so rampant.

Another thing, why is Lee Thompson Young being indirectly blamed for his suicide? Where is the compassion and sympathy allotted to Caucasian celebrities when they take their lives? I didn’t see anyone blaming Heath Ledger for drug overdosing to the point of death. What about Elvis whose addiction to pain killers led him to the grave. Where was all this crap about some dark European religion telling them to do these things?

I am not amused nor am I impressed, facts need to be triple checked. The unfortunate thing is that some idiots out there will repeat the garbage written by E news as fact, which is offensive to Nigerians and especially Yoruba people.

I don’t know not one African religion that promotes suicide, not one.

E, piece of crap, news needs to issue an apology and take down that awful and deliberate propaganda, discrimination against Nigerians, article that was written.



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