Mother & Son get PhD together

Mother & Son Graduate Together With PhDs

Vickie McBride gave birth to her son, Maurice, at the age of 13. Even though whispers spread throughout her town of Waynesboro, Ga, with the help of her mother, Vicki continued her education.  She made it to college and graduate school all while raising Maurice and eventually 3 other children.  “As a teenager I continued my education. That was never an option,” explained Vickie. She made it to college and graduate school all while raising Maurice and eventually 3 other children.

“I had to figure out how to work and how to parent and how to manage school all at the same time.” she said. Maurice had his own struggles growing up as well. At just 16 years old he dropped out of high school. “[I] started hanging out with some of the wrong people and got into some trouble,” he explained. After having run ins with the law, he knew he had to do something with his life. He said, “I picked up the bible and I started reading and I was like it all makes sense. I see how it actually comes to fruition. I see how I ended up here.” He got his GED and then pursued a music career. He signed a record deal with Capital Records, but he never stopped his education. It was something that was instilled in him by his mother and grandmother. “As a recording artist I also attended school online,” said Maurice. He kept going after he left the music world.

He went on to graduate school, becoming a professor at Paine College and then one day he called his mom. “I said ‘hey I think I’m gonna get my PhD. You wanna do this with me?’ ‘No that’s okay. You bumped your head, but you can go ahead and you can do it. I’m done with school’,” he recalled.

This past August, the McBrides both received their PhDs from Capella University. Dr. Vickie McBride graduated with her PhD in K-12 Education and Dr. Maurice McBride in Organizational Management. “I was so proud of him because I knew where he had come from,” said Vickie. “This is who she really is despite what she’s been through,” said Maurice. “This is how I’ve always seen her and now I’m like ‘hey look this is her’ with the cape and the supermommy uniform.” And they want their story to be a lesson to those struggling now. For those who have gone through [tough situations]. You can be successful. You can be anything. You can do anything once you make up your mind that that is what you want to do. Set a goal and go for it,” said Vickie. The McBrides are both educators, Vickie teaches middle school and college in Virginia and Maurice is a professor of business at Paine College. It looks as though Maurice has his eyes set on law school, but when he asked his mother to attend with him, she said she’ll have to sit that one out.

This story is just amazing, as long as you still have breathe in your body and the Lord has given you another day, you can do whatever you put your mind to!


Missing: Ronnisha Swinburn 16 & Madison Watson 14

At-risk girls missing from Sacramento area

Law enforcement is looking for two missing Sacramento-area teen girls considered at risk because of their ages.

Madison Watson, 14, is believed to have walked away from her home on the 7900 block of Springgarden Way Monday night, said Sacramento County sheriff’s Sgt. Lisa Bowman.

Watson was described as white, 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighing about 105 pounds. She has blue eyes and very short brown hair. She wears green braces and has a silver stud piercing her lip.

The other missing girl in Ronnisha Swinburn, 16. Bowman said the two girls may be together.

Swinburn was described as black, 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighing 200 pounds. She has brown eyes and black hair.

Authorities do not know what either girl was wearing when they disappeared.

Bowman said the teens may possibly have a 2006 gold-colored Ford Fusion that belongs to Swinburn’s grandmother. The California license plate is 6JDA468.

Anyone who has seen one or both girls and/or the Ford Fusion was urged to contact the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department or the Sacramento Police Department.

At-risk girls missing from Sacramento area |

Missing: Keiosha Felix, 15

Investigator: Missing teen mom possibly in Baton Rouge
Posted: Aug 17, 2012 4:16 PM

by Olivia LaBorde

Updated: Aug 17, 2012 4:16 PM

BATON ROUGE-The search for a Duson teen who may have been involved in the sex trade has shifted to Baton Rouge, according to a private investigator.

Keiosha Felix, 15, disappeared at the end of April. She lived in a group home near Duson because her mom was in jail. Four people were arrested in connection with her disappearance, including her own family members.

The 15-year-old was already a mother herself, and on weekends she would visit her one-year-old at her aunt’s house. Police said that aunt, Patricia Andrus, allegedly allowed her boyfriend, 43-year-old Leon Wilkerson, to rape Felix.

Andrus is charged with improper supervision and accessory to rape. Wilkerson was arrested in Zachary and charged with rape and kidnapping. Earlier this month Wilkerson’s brother, Ronald Wilkerson, was arrested in Baton Rouge and charged with kidnapping as well. Keiosha’s cousin, Portia Felix, is also charged with obstruction.

A private investigator hired by Felix’s family said none of them will tell police where Keiosha is. The investigators suspects she is in Baton Rouge, and was sold into child sex trafficking.

Her family says they continue to hold out hope for her to come home.

If you know anything about Keiosha’s disappearance contact Duson Police at (337) 873-6736.

Investigator: Missing teen mom possibly in Baton Rouge | WBRZ News 2 Louisiana : Baton Rouge, LA |

Please people lets get this young girls story out there. She did not deserve the hand she was dealt. If anyone knows anything please come forward. It is important to protect our children whether they are ours or not please spread the word about her.

Tragedy in Nairobi, Kenya

I don’t completely understand what is going on, but for people, who went to the mall to either have fun or shop around to end up either dead, held hostage, or having to flee for their lives is not okay.

My heart goes out to Kenyans that have died in the violent rampage that took place in Nairobi as well as the foreigners that died as well.

There has been talk that some Somali insurgents or group have claimed to be the ones behind the attack. All I know is that people need to leave Kenya and other African countries alone. This warfare or whatever it may be is causing many lives and leaving many families to bury their young and old.

Explain to the children that their loved one didn’t come back because some ignorant group of people felt that it was okay to gun them down as though they were meat. The violence that is going on and all these calls for guns and wars are not helping.

This act of violence was senseless and done for the sick enjoyment of people that do not care for the lives of others. Those responsible for this tragedy should be tracked down and dealt with by the Kenyan government. The people that carried out such ridiculous orders should be detained and questioned.

My apologizes and condolences to the people that were in the mall that day, to the people that are injured, to the people that died, to the people that lost loved ones, and for the security many have lost as a result of this event.

Missing: Amore Holley,1, Baltimore, MD

Baltimore  County Police are seeking the public’s assistance in locating a  one-year-old female missing from the Towson/Precinct 6 area.

Amore Holley is a black female, 24 inches tall, and weighs 36 pounds.   She should be wearing a white shirt and gray sweat pants.  She was last  seen at 2:00 p.m. in the 8500 Block of Chestnut Oak Rd in Towson when  she went to play with another child.  She has not been seen or heard  from since.

Anyone with information on Amore Holley is asked to call Baltimore County Police at 410-307-2020 or 911.

Missing: Destini Concepcion Woods, 15, Lindenwold

Police continue search for missing Lindenwold teen
Sep. 18, 2013   |   0 Comments

Concepcion -Woods
Written by
Courier-Post Staff


South Jersey News
LINDENWOLD — Authorities are seeking the public’s assistance in locating a Lindenwold teen who has been missing for about two weeks.

Destini Concepcion-Woods, 15, was reported missing by her family after she left her home around 5 p.m. Sept. 3 and did not return, Lindenwold police said.

Authorities said she may have been headed to Philadelphia, possibly in the area of 12th and Master streets, just south of Temple University.

Concepcion-Woods is described as a black teenager standing 4-foot-7, weighing about 86 pounds. She has several tattoos, including a teddy bear on her right wrist, the letters “RIP” on her left wrist and the word “beauty” on her chest. She was last seen wearing a hot pink T-shirt, blue jeans and black sandals.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Lindenwold police Detective James Barney at (856) 784-7566.…indenwold-teen

Kids forced to reenact slavery

I will just leave this link right here:

You know what for a country that is busy rewriting history books, looking at you Texas, I cannot for the life of me understand all this interest in slavery. From the Help, to The Butler, to 12 Years as a slave, what is going on? Black people know about slavery we get it, we know about it. We don’t need movies or any other thing about it.

However, this school thought it was okay to abuse and subject these black children to being degraded as a reenactment of slavery, while on a school field trip. Interesting how they thought it was okay to shout at them that they were N-words and made to serve white people.

I am livid, I am beyond pissed and upset, seriously America what is your fascination with this shit? You know since people want to create mathematical slavery, tie black children up, call them the N-word, and degrade them while ruining their psyche all for the sake of reenacting the greatest evil ever done on earth, I call for a reenactment of the Holocaust.

That’s right, I need some Jews to be rounded up, I need one to play Anne Frank with a diary. I need there to be concentration camps, maybe they can use the Native American reservations for it. I want the whole works. There better be gas chambers, signs that say Jews and dogs not allowed, I want there to be German soldiers, oh and the best part, a furnace along with them wearing the star of David.

Outraged by the idea of a reenactment of the Holocaust? Why? Its educational similar to this fuckery that this school thought was cute to pull. They deliberately did this to these kids as a sick twisted way to knock them down. I’m guessing if they would have raped those kids or molested them it would have all been educational and apart of the reenactment.

The fact that the parents have been battling the school board about this for 10 months sickens me, who thinks stuff like this is okay?

For those that seem to just love the Antebellum days, ala Paula Deen type people, remember Nat Turner that put a bullet in your ass because that was also a very important part of slavery, salve rebellions where large amounts of slave owners and their families were murdered like the dogs they were.

So tell me, how exactly do you want it to go? If you want to reenact slavery reenact all of it, not just the “degrade black people” parts.

While I’m waiting on the Holocaust reenactment, what about September 11, huh? This type of shit is not, I repeat NOT okay on any level. These are kids and they deliberately tried to screw them over while foaming at the mouth for a chance to feel some perversion of superiority.

Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy, you and your idiotic “educators” I hope all get fired and lose your jobs you have proven that stupidity reigns supreme over the importance of keeping a job in a down economy, so may your end be swift and painful.