Missing: Kayla Morris, 15, Ky *Update*

Family searches desperately for missing Louisville teen
15-year-old Kayla Morris last seen Aug. 30

UPDATED 6:25 AM EDT Sep 03, 2013

A Louisville girl was last seen taking the bus to school last Friday.

Family members told WLKY Kayla Morris has health problems and needs to take medication daily for her heart and lungs.

She has been missing for four days now, and her family is beginning to fear the worst.

“Four days. I can’t sleep. All I do is cry. Kayla, just come home please,” said Kayla’s sister, Nyshaia Mack.

Not only heartbroken by her sister’s disappearance, but by feelings of guilt. Mack was the last person who talked to Kayla, who wrote Nyshaia a Facebook message Friday, saying she had gotten into a fight with their mom and planned to run away with a friend.

“I just want my sister to come home, wherever she is. I feel like it’s my fault because I didn’t tell nobody,” said Mack.

But that friend said she had no idea where Kayla went. Other friends said the same, and with every second that passes, the family is growing even more desperate, fearing something terrible happened.

“Please, I need my daughter,” said Kayla’s mother, Cynara Mack.

The 15-year-old’s entire family is doing what they can, stopping random people, putting up fliers, hoping for even a hint on where Kayla could be.

They’re in a race against time because Kayla, who had a double heart surgery a few years ago, needs her medication, which she doesn’t carry with her.

“What will happen if she doesn’t take her medications?” WLKY’s Jessica Oh asked Cynara Mack.

“She can, she can probably die,” she said.

The teen’s mother said her argument with Kayla was over a friend.

Police have tracked down all the leads family members have given them, but the teen is nowhere to be found.

“The other day I told myself this is a real bad dream. I’m going to wake up and see my daughter, and then I said, ‘No, this is not no dream. this is reality,'” said Cynara Mack

Family members describe Kayla as a very quiet girl. They couldn’t emphasize enough that this is totally out of character for her.

Anyone with information that can help find Kayla should call Louisville Metro Police at its anonymous tip line at 502-574-LMPD.

Family searches desperately for missing Louisville teen | Metro Louisville – WLKY Home


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