Kids forced to reenact slavery

I will just leave this link right here:

You know what for a country that is busy rewriting history books, looking at you Texas, I cannot for the life of me understand all this interest in slavery. From the Help, to The Butler, to 12 Years as a slave, what is going on? Black people know about slavery we get it, we know about it. We don’t need movies or any other thing about it.

However, this school thought it was okay to abuse and subject these black children to being degraded as a reenactment of slavery, while on a school field trip. Interesting how they thought it was okay to shout at them that they were N-words and made to serve white people.

I am livid, I am beyond pissed and upset, seriously America what is your fascination with this shit? You know since people want to create mathematical slavery, tie black children up, call them the N-word, and degrade them while ruining their psyche all for the sake of reenacting the greatest evil ever done on earth, I call for a reenactment of the Holocaust.

That’s right, I need some Jews to be rounded up, I need one to play Anne Frank with a diary. I need there to be concentration camps, maybe they can use the Native American reservations for it. I want the whole works. There better be gas chambers, signs that say Jews and dogs not allowed, I want there to be German soldiers, oh and the best part, a furnace along with them wearing the star of David.

Outraged by the idea of a reenactment of the Holocaust? Why? Its educational similar to this fuckery that this school thought was cute to pull. They deliberately did this to these kids as a sick twisted way to knock them down. I’m guessing if they would have raped those kids or molested them it would have all been educational and apart of the reenactment.

The fact that the parents have been battling the school board about this for 10 months sickens me, who thinks stuff like this is okay?

For those that seem to just love the Antebellum days, ala Paula Deen type people, remember Nat Turner that put a bullet in your ass because that was also a very important part of slavery, salve rebellions where large amounts of slave owners and their families were murdered like the dogs they were.

So tell me, how exactly do you want it to go? If you want to reenact slavery reenact all of it, not just the “degrade black people” parts.

While I’m waiting on the Holocaust reenactment, what about September 11, huh? This type of shit is not, I repeat NOT okay on any level. These are kids and they deliberately tried to screw them over while foaming at the mouth for a chance to feel some perversion of superiority.

Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy, you and your idiotic “educators” I hope all get fired and lose your jobs you have proven that stupidity reigns supreme over the importance of keeping a job in a down economy, so may your end be swift and painful.


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